The annual growth rate of plastic packaging in the

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The annual growth rate of global plastic packaging is about 3.3%

it is predicted that by 2006, the global demand for plastic packaging will increase to 10.8 billion pounds, with an average annual growth rate of 3.3%, faster than the growth rate of paper and paperboard. The application of plastics in hard containers and flexible packaging will increase. In terms of hard containers, such as plastic shallow plates and plastic barrels, the long-term cost is lower than that of fiberboard barrels because they can be reused. Plastic vertical bags also have the potential to replace cardboard boxes as containers for dry food such as prefabricated Cereals, sauces, etc. In addition, plastic bottles are increasingly used in the preparation of graphene/thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) conductive composites and the packaging of fruit juice and fruit drinks because of their light weight and impact resistance. In terms of flexible packaging, small bags and films in plastic products will still be of great use in the field of fast food and retail

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