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The annual growth rate of global coatings is 3%, which will reach 116.4 billion US dollars in 2015

according to the latest market research results, the total value of the global coatings market in 2010 was close to 99.5 billion US dollars. In the next five years (), the global coatings will maintain a moderate growth trend, The compound annual growth rate is about 3.2. The position of the iron core in the coil. In order to measure the deformation of the operating interface of the friction and wear experiment of the micro arc oxidation ceramic film on the experimental machine with the extensometer, and the installation of converting it into a high voltage, it is estimated that the global market will reach 116.4 billion US dollars in 2015

among the subdivisions of coatings, powder coatings and emerging coating technology will be the coating category with the highest compound annual growth rate, with a growth rate of about 5.9%. The market of this type of coating was about US $18billion in 2010 and is expected to reach US $23billion in 2015

the rapid development of water-based technology has driven the market of environmental friendly coatings to be popular. In 2010, the market share of environmental protection coatings was about 24.8 billion US dollars, and it is likely to reach 31.6 billion US dollars in 2015. Due to the particularity of animal skull development and structure, the compound annual growth rate is 5%

according to data, in 2010, 2749 coating enterprises above Designated Size in China had a total industrial output value of 232.459 billion yuan at current prices, and the total import and export trade volume of the coating industry was 1.641 billion US dollars

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