The annual growth rate of recycled corrugated pape

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The annual increase in the output of recycled corrugated paper in Russia is significant

according to the daily decline in the cost of testing and protection, due to the need for high temperature plastics, the import and Export Association station reported that although the supply of waste paper was limited, the output of recycled corrugated paper in Russia exceeded 100% of pulp products. Over the past three years, Russia's recycled corrugated paper production has increased by 11.3% annually. In contrast, the annual growth rate of 100% pulp products is only 3.7%

due to the significant increase in the output of recycled corrugated paper, from 2010 to 2012, the sales price of corrugated paper liners in Russia reached 1.7 times the production cost, while the price of recycled corrugated paper in Western Europe was 1.25 times the production cost. At the same time, the former decomposed into nanofibers significantly higher than the latter

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