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Recently, steel prices have risen continuously. Before the May Day holiday, structural steel may be in the high market.

Abstract: Recently, steel market prices have generally risen, with the mainstream increase of yuan/ton. Most steel traders are active in taking goods, and even there is a long queue at the gate of the steel plant. But can the rise last, especially near the May Day holiday, what is the mentality of merchants

in recent days, the domestic steel market has been booming. Rebar, strip steel, plate, and special steel products have all risen, especially rebar prices. Some steel mills have increased by more than 100 yuan/ton in recent days. The increase of special steel products is slightly slower than that of threads, but its main stream has also increased by yuan/ton

according to the data monitoring, since the steel price fell sharply in March, it generally showed a trend of shock and stronger operation in April, especially in the middle and late April, the rising trend was good, and the steel price rose frequently. Specifically, today's low-cost resource of 45 × carbon steel in Shandong is yuan/ton, which is higher than that of last weekend. The closer it is to the fracture, the larger the deformation is; The guiding price of Tangshan Linggang Zhongyuan was stable at 4210 yuan/ton, while Mingfang resources increased from 4050 yuan/ton to about 4080 yuan/ton, up 30 yuan/ton; The resources of 45 × Huaigang in Jiangsu and Zhejiang increased from 4150 yuan/ton to yuan/ton, an increase of yuan/ton

the rise in steel prices is mainly driven by the good macro news and the improvement of downstream demand in the steel market. On the one hand, the reduction of reserve requirements and tax cuts continued to release liquidity, and GDP in the first quarter remained at 6. 5% At the initial stage, the electronic tensile testing machines all had pointers and chart recorders, with a steady growth of 8%. In the first quarter, the investment in real estate development was 2.13 trillion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 10.4%, and the growth rate hit a three-year high. A series of favorable macro news announcement gave the steel market a positive stimulus. On the other hand, before the May Day holiday, some businesses need to replenish the stock in an appropriate amount; In addition, local inventories fell slightly, supported by an appropriate release on the demand side; In addition, the rise of peripheral products such as thread and strip steel has also been driven

the price of short-term snail may continue to fluctuate at a high level. Before the May Day holiday, the price of spot structural steel or narrow consolidation will gradually slow down due to the difficult recovery. Although the macro and demand sides have given steel prices a certain support, the spot steel price has been rising continuously for many days, and the acceptance of the downstream terminal of the high price is not too high. Prior to the price rise, the resources with active market transactions were mostly low-cost resources, and the transaction of high-cost resources was not ideal. At present, some medium and large-scale traders have successively ordered the supply of goods to the warehouse, and the inventory pressure is still large, and the steel mill's round steel inventory reacts quickly, with a small decline for threaded products. Some steel mills also reflect that the new orders shrink compared with the previous ones, and the improvement of steel market demand is slow. In addition to inventory pressure, factors such as Sino US trade confrontation, cloudy and rainy weather in some regions or increasing in succession still restrict the market, and the upward trend of steel prices is unstable. At present, businesses should not catch up vigorously, and shipments at high prices are acceptable

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