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Steel prices rose again and fell several times, repeatedly showing fatigue

on the 28th, the black series fluctuated widely, showing an overall trend of rising and falling. The performance of the spot market is mixed, and the plate is still stronger than the long wood. Recently, the domestic steel market has experienced several highs and falls, reflecting the gradual weakening trend of the overall steel market

in the afternoon, affected by the fluctuation and decline of the futures market, spot transactions were constrained. Some transactions were at low prices in the northern market, and the southern market failed to promote transactions in the case of loose prices. Such a wire recycling machine that can handle nylon materials such as fishing lines and common plastics such as plastic bottles and yogurt cups has never appeared in the market. Compared with last weekend, it is again cautious to wait and see

although last weekend, supported by the intensification of the theme of environmental protection and production restriction and the rapid process of destocking, the market mentality once improved, and there was a wave of concentrated volume of transactions, at present, the continuous upward momentum is not sufficient, and there are signs of gradual weakening

first, there is no strong cooperation in the transaction. Second, the operating rate of steel mills still keeps rising slightly (mainly because blast furnaces in Hebei and other places resume production and gradually return to normal levels. In addition, other areas with limited production in the early stage also tend to resume production). According to the survey, the blast furnace operating rate of one hundred small and medium-sized steel enterprises in China was 87.13%, up 1.22 percentage points; There are 60 blast furnaces to be overhauled, with 5 less

at present, there is still a long way to transmit to inventory. Resources in some regions such as Hangzhou are even out of stock, but market expectations are weak, especially the seasonal impact of construction steel is greater than that of plates. At present, some steel mills have taken the lead, and Shagang's building materials were fully discounted in June; Yonggang thread is 7 fold, coil line is 4 fold, and other steel mills may have different adjustments

with these methods, on the interest side, the Jinte meeting will be held as scheduled, and the market risk aversion will cool down. But in the later stage, in addition to the impact of demand and news, there are two points to pay attention to, one is whether the environmental protection will be upgraded again, and the other is the weather change. If there is no greater action of environmental protection and the weather does not cooperate, the market trend will continue

in addition, the Environmental Protection Bureau will inspect in Guangdong and Guangxi on June 5. The three electric furnaces (Guixin, Jiegang and kesinda) are expected to stop production ahead of schedule, and Jiegang has stopped at present; All medium frequency furnaces in eastern Guangdong have been shut down, and electric furnaces have been shut down for inspection; Recently, the billet adjustment and rolling mills have been closed in succession (mainly in eastern Guangdong and Guangxi); It is expected that from next week to June 10, Guangdong's fixed furnace resources will be significantly reduced, and the decline in inventory will also expand

according to the monitoring data, on the 28th, major cities in China Ф The average price of 25mm grade III deformed steel bar is 4019 yuan (ton price, the same below), up 4 yuan from yesterday; Domestic key cities Ф The average price of 6.5mm high-speed wire was 4372 yuan, up 7 yuan from yesterday; Domestic key cities 54 Polyphenylene oxide: it has high heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance The average price of 5mm hot rolled coil was 4219 yuan, up 14 yuan from yesterday; The average price of 1.0mm cold plate in key central cities in China was 4596 yuan, unchanged from yesterday; The average price of 20mm medium plate in key cities in China was 4393 yuan, up 10 yuan from yesterday

in terms of raw materials, on the 28th, 150*150 ordinary carbon square billets in Tangshan were 3610 yuan, down 1 from yesterday. Regional certifications related to food hygiene, such as FDA, EU, lfgb, etc., were 0 yuan; The price of 61.5% grade Australian Pb iron ore powder in Jingtang Port was 456 yuan, down 3 yuan from yesterday; The price of quasi first-class metallurgical coke in Tangshan, including tax, was 2110 yuan, unchanged from yesterday

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