The hottest steel price fluctuates at a high level

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Steel prices fluctuated at a high level, coking coal and coke strengthened

although the prices of iron ore and steel were adjusted last week, the upstream raw materials of the steel industry such as coking coal and coke strengthened that week driven by the tightening supply in the spot market

after the price correction of the previous week, the iron ore price basically remained weak last week, and the central position fluctuated, closing at 386.5 yuan. Since hitting a high of 469.5 yuan on March 21, the iron ore futures price opened low on March 22 and went down all the way. As of the closing on April 1, the price of iron ore futures fell by 9% in the past nine trading days, but it remained at a 36% increase compared with the low point in mid December 2015

although the price of iron ore futures fell, rebar futures remained relatively stable, with prices fluctuating between 2100 yuan and 2200 yuan. In fact, last week was the time node for steel enterprises to resume production in a large area. Although in terms of range, the price increase of iron ore was significantly higher than that of rebar, the price increase of rebar per ton was between 500 yuan and 600 yuan, which in absolute terms exceeded the increase of iron ore price, leaving profit space for steel mills, which provided impetus for steel mills to resume production

driven by the resumption of production factors of steel enterprises, in addition to iron ore, coking coal and coke products in the upstream of the steel-making industry had a strong performance this week, especially in the two trading days of March 31 and April 1. The main contract of coking coal futures in Dalian Commodity Exchange rose 7.2% last week, closing at 656.5 yuan, of which reifenhuser Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. specially emphasized the roles of energy, power, reliability, protection and maintenance, operation, design and functionality on March 31 and April 1, with an increase of 6.4%; The main contract of coke futures closed at 811.5 yuan, up 5.7% in the week. Like coking coal, it rose 4.6% in the two trading days of March 31 and April 1

the early inventory of coking coal and coke in the spot market has been significantly reduced, and the market price has increased significantly. Steel mills are actively purchasing, and the market has rushed to grab inventory again, which drives the futures price of coking coal and coke up

however, some analysts said that the black line has maintained a long time and increased significantly, but the reality needs to be improved. It still needs time and data to confirm whether there is a reversal improvement by using the assessment, and we still need to be cautious about the future market

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