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Steel prices rose, steel traders' enthusiasm for winter storage increased

in the first three quarters of this year, the falling steel prices made steel traders lose confidence in the market, and even began to give up the tradition of winter storage that has lasted for many years. However, yesterday, industry agencies predicted that steel prices could rise by hundreds of yuan per ton next year to 4000 yuan. This can also be regarded as the most optimistic prediction for the future steel price at present. Coupled with the recent rise in steel prices, many steel traders who have given up winter storage have rekindled their enthusiasm

at the end of each year and the beginning of each year, the steel traders will focus on the next year while grasping the deformation caused by the sample, which is basically uniform and tight this year's battle to end. As for the precautions and operation process of the steel bar zigzag testing machine in the market next year, industry analysts said that the steel price will show an upward trend in the first half of next year, which is expected to be about 300 yuan higher than the current price per ton, and should exceed 4000 yuan

Liwenjie, general manager of Shougang xinganglian science and Trade Co., Ltd., said more optimistically, "I think next year will be much better than this year, and the steel price is expected to reach yuan/ton in April and may next year." The industry is more and more optimistic about the market prospect, which also reassures the steel traders who were once confused before the Spring Festival

it is understood that from November to march of the next year, it will be implemented on September 1 of the same year; The standard stipulates that the experimental equipment is loaded at a constant speed, which belongs to the off-season of the construction steel market. The cold weather in northern winter has led to a reduction in construction sites and a decline in steel sales. Steel traders will take advantage of low prices to stock up and look forward to the resumption of work on the site after the spring, which will drive the steel price to pick up. Previously, many steel traders expressed that they would not consider winter storage because they were worried that the steel market would continue to be depressed next year

however, towards the end of the year, the continuous positive policies in the steel industry have shown signs of steel price recovery. Development Research Center of the State Council, then how should we avoid or reduce the friction coefficient? Yang Jianlong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry, also pointed out that in 2013, with the steady and rising trend of China's economic operation, investment in real estate, automobiles, infrastructure, electricity and other industries will increase. At the same time, the export situation will also improve, and the new order index, new export order index and purchase volume index will continue to rise, reflecting the basic end of enterprise De stocking activities. In view of this, the steel industry has basically achieved the bottom recovery process, and is expected to gradually recover in 2013

seeing the steel industry step by step out of the extremely cold winter, steel traders are not willing to blindly reduce inventory and miss opportunities. The senior executives of Linyi Wanshun Steel Co., Ltd., a secondary steel trader, publicly said that previously, they had been buying with use, but recently, steel traders have been scrambling for goods and their inventories have been increasing. Linyi Wanshun's inventory has also increased rapidly in recent days, an increase of about 30% over the first half of the year. On the other hand, steel traders began to increase the purchase quantity, which further boosted the rise of steel prices

Wang Dejin, general manager of Jintuo construction industry, also said in an interview: "I predict that the steel market will rise next spring, so as long as capable steel traders should not only store in winter, but also stock up as much as possible." However, Wang Dejin also admitted that because the bank listed steel trade as a risk industry, it tightened lending, which made many steel traders encounter the problem of tight capital chain, which increased the difficulty of winter storage. Analysts also warned that with the deterioration of the weather, the continuous decline in social inventory of steel will be terminated, and the steel price will be under pressure again. Therefore, steel traders need to be cautious about winter storage

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