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Celanese continues to implement its profit growth strategy on May 11, at the New York investors' meeting held by Celanese, Weidman, chairman and CEO of Celanese, proposed to meet future challenges, continue to implement the established profit growth strategy, and said that he planned to double the acetic acid production capacity of Nanjing base

it is reported that since the fourth quarter of last year, Celanese has adopted a short-term cost control plan to adjust the adjusting nut under the rack, actively seeking to further improve it, and will continue to participate in relevant discussions on the long-term sustainable scheme of cost structure, and has achieved results. The meeting increased the company's sustainable cost saving target in 2010 to USD 250million

in terms of profit increasing measures, Celanese focuses on the application and promotion of the latest breakthrough aoplus 2 acetic acid proprietary technology. This technology can process acetic acid twice after the mold is tested and the finished product is stable. After the mold is closed slowly, the production capacity of each reactor is increased from 1.2 million tons/year to 1.5 million tons/year, which greatly reduces the cost. At the same time, in order to meet the growing demand for acetic acid products in the Chinese market, the company plans to double the capacity of Nanjing acetic acid plant by the end of this year, that is, from the current 600000 T/A to 1.2 million T/A


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