The hottest cellulosic ethanol plant in the world

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The world's largest cellulosic ethanol plant has been put into operation

with the first inbicon biomass refinery putting its products into pilot operation, inbicon announced that this day will be designated as "energy independence day for planet Earth". The plant can use wheat straw to produce 1.4 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol every year, making it the world's largest producer of cellulosic ethanol

niels Henriksen, chief executive of inbicon, said: "We are not only producing new ethanol to replace gasoline, but also producing a clean lignin biofuel to replace coal. However, our renewable energy processes and renewable energy products are equally important. When the inbicon biomass refinery is integrated with a coal-fired power plant, a grain ethanol plant or any cogeneration plant, its efficiency will be greatly improved. Symbiotic energy exchange can help our customers build Establish a sustainable 'carbon neutral' business. "

this refinery in kellenberg will be integrated with asnaes power plant, the largest power plant in Denmark. There are many raw materials that can be used, such as wheat straw, corn stalk and corn cob, sugar bagasse and green grass. The waste steam generated by the power plant will be used to support the operation of the biomass refinery, thereby improving the overall energy efficiency of the refinery to 71%. For environmental power generation, the lignin biofuel by-products of the refinery are very clean and can be used to enhance the coal combustion in the boiler of the power plant without further purification

three American companies recently announced their cellulose projects under development at the 26th annual international fuel ethanol workshop held in St. Louis. Each project will include an expanded inbicon biomass refinery, a commercial design capable of producing 20mmgy of new ethanol

Sandra broekema, business development manager of great river energy, a Minnesota electric power cooperative enterprise, talked about Dakota spirit agener1. Before loading, check whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position Gy. This is a commercial inbicon biomass refinery processing wheat straw in North Dakota. It will be in the same position as the company's new 64 MW spiritwood station. Jinan Shijin is a well-known enterprise with independent research, production and production in China

john Gell, director of genese regional biofuels, presented his plan to build a comprehensive biomass plant near Rochester, New York. His company is committed to putting a long-standing abandoned plant back into use, while revitalizing agriculture in New York State, processing corn stalks and turning to self-produced grass. Lignin will balance the coal used in existing power plants

peter Bendorf, project engineer of Integro services group and Development Engineer of SWI energy, plans to build a new corn to ethanol plant of 59 mmgy in Alton, Illinois. The plant will be integrated with a 20mmgy inbicon biomass refinery. Using their respective advantages will be able to produce ethanol without using fossil fuels

in addition, inbicon is cooperating with Mitsui engineering shipbuilding to build refineries in Asia

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