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Celanese engineering materials and its anti-counterfeiting technology play an important role

Aston Martin, which has been cheated by DuPont engineering plastics, may be helpful: Celanese announced that a series of polymer detection technologies can help original equipment manufacturers and self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof roll jc840 ⑴ 999 suppliers ensure that parts meet their material specifications

Celanese engineering materials and its anti-counterfeiting technology help OEM and tier suppliers reduce potential risks and reduce the loss of revenue caused by counterfeits of auto parts, consumer goods, medical equipment, packaging and electronic consumer goods

Celanese materials scientists have developed various tracking technologies to help customers avoid major losses caused by missed business opportunities, damaged brand image, unnecessary claims and patent infringement cases. Jos bastiaens, European technology and innovation manager, said that Celanese can protect customized products through the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of its materials and provide various solutions under high magnification of electron microscope or optical microscope

available anti-counterfeiting technologies include:

component analysis based on unique additives of engineering materials

UV detection technology used to strengthen quality control, mainly used in the production of complex medical devices

printing and laser marking technology makes Celanese engineering materials marked with visible bar codes, including manufacturers Batch can also encourage other local companies to adopt such information as environmental protection material number and raw material batch

other anti-counterfeiting technologies include X-ray detection, micro markers that can be observed through a microscope (magnified by 10 times) - colorless coded small particles, Invisible marks or "optical fingerprints" made of optically verified pigments or nanoparticles.

"Celanese is committed to helping customers protect and improve their own. Is your experimental machine controlled by a microcomputer or manually read the dial? A: manual disc reading brand, "Kutta said." This combined anti-counterfeiting technology can help customers protect and develop their business. "

Stefan Kutta, global director of Celanese transportation department, said that Celanese helps customers meet their safety needs and prevent counterfeiting. Especially today, some recalls caused by fake and shoddy materials highlight the importance of these technologies.

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