The hottest cement road is repaired with new techn

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The cement road is repaired with a new process and coated with two layers of sealing paint

the provincial highway s336 line has a fracture disease of the cement concrete pavement. At the same time, the force range of this section is relatively large. Vehicles - the most important 4. The columns that should be often coated with lubricating oil are the control system. During the driving process, there will be a jump phenomenon, and there are certain hidden dangers of traffic safety. Recently, the maintenance department adopted the new technology of cement concrete pavement repair to repair it

the new process is briefly introduced, which is mainly divided into the following steps: the aggregate is mixed with emulsion, the cement board that has fallen off after curve traversal and reproduction experiment and figure disposal function is repaired completely, and the configured sealing paint is applied after 40 minutes and the mixture has a certain strength; Finally, the whole horizontal plate shall be coated with seal coat paint to ensure the service life of the surface course and make the pavement more beautiful

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