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Warmly celebrate the establishment of Guangzhou Office of Beijing Security Control Technology Development Co., Ltd.

as one of the earliest industrial controller manufacturers in China, Beijing Security Control Automation Co., Ltd. has been committed to providing users with high-quality products and services. Since the security control company started to market its general and special products for industrial automation, they have been highly praised by industry experts and users. In order to better provide users in South China with high-quality services, security control automation has set up an office in Guangzhou to provide users in South China with a series of services including product sales, training and services

the security control company has developed a variety of 32-bit series products with independent intellectual property rights: general products (PLC, RTU), special products (oil and gas field production automation, hydrology and water conservancy information system, water regime measurement and reporting system, etc.), and has successful experience in the implementation of SCADA system in many industry application fields. 3 Tls-s (1~20) I double digital display spring tension and compression testing machine. Some products are listed in the national 2 Sample data: it provides users of electronic tensile testing machine to set all sample data level Torch Program projects, which has been rewarded and supported. High quality and cost-effective products are widely used in oil fields, gas fields, heat supply, water supply, sewage treatment, metallurgy, hydrology and water conservancy, power microcomputer controlled single arm electronic tensile testing machine, digital display electronic tensile testing machine, microcomputer controlled portal electronic tensile testing machine, coal mines, agriculture, chemical industry, communications and many other fields. Since 2000, the company's products have been exported to Kazakhstan, Iran, Sudan and other countries, creating a well-known brand in the field of industrial automation

with the development of security control automation product business, we continue to set up offices all over the country. You are welcome to continue to pay attention to security control technology and the development of security control products

Guangzhou Office

address: Guangzhou 863 promotion center, No. 1, Lane 26, Yunhe North Street, Xianlie Middle Road, Guangzhou

postal code: 510075

contact person: Yu Bitao



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