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The cement and glass industry will carry out special supervision on energy consumption quota standards. The Ministry of industry and information technology recently released the 2016 key work plan for industrial energy conservation supervision (hereinafter referred to as the plan)

the plan specifies that it will thoroughly implement the national energy conservation regulations, mandatory energy consumption quota standards and major policies, coordinate and promote the energy conservation work in key industries and regions according to law, create a fair competition market environment, and focus on the energy conservation supervision of key energy consuming enterprises and key energy consuming equipment, although this work is not the first time to include carbon nanotubes in polymer composite tubes, Carry out special tasks for major industrial energy conservation supervision

according to the plan, the state will carry out special supervision on the implementation of energy consumption quota standards in iron and steel, chemical industry, electrolytic aluminum, cement, flat glass, ceramics, calcium carbide, ferroalloy and other industries. The plan requires all regions to carry out special supervision on the implementation of energy consumption quota standards by industrial enterprises in accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Council on resolving excess capacity and the current national energy consumption quota standards. The plan specifies that all regions should carry out special supervision on the implementation of step tariff policies by electrolytic aluminum enterprises and cement enterprises in accordance with the relevant provisions and requirements of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology; According to the road map for the elimination of inefficient motors in use and the annual elimination plan for high energy consumption distribution transformers, and in combination with the local actual situation, supervise the production and use enterprises, verify the elimination of high conductivity and gas impermeability of backward equipment, and supervise the enterprises to complete the tasks of stopping production and elimination as required. In addition, special supervision will be carried out on the improvement of energy efficiency of coal-fired industrial boilers. All regions should verify the energy utilization efficiency of boilers and the completion of the elimination of backward boilers with relevant departments in accordance with relevant regulations

for the daily energy-saving supervision of industrial enterprises, the plan specifies that it will carry out supervision from three aspects: the implementation of energy-saving laws and regulations by industrial enterprises, the implementation of energy-saving evaluation and review system for industrial fixed asset investment projects, which can adapt to different despicable weather and have better stain resistance than traditional [wpc] composite materials, and the elimination of backward electromechanical equipment (products), so as to promote the systematization and standardization of energy-saving supervision, Ensure accuracy and efficiency. The plan requires that all regions should innovate the industrial energy-saving supervision mechanism, improve the industrial energy-saving supervision ability, and improve the energy-saving supervision organization system. At the same time, they should strengthen the organizational leadership, strictly administer according to law, strengthen the guidance of public opinion, and strictly supervise and inspect to ensure that all supervision work is completed on schedule and with high quality, so as to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and green development

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