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Warmly celebrate the successful holding of the third cultural festival of the port glass group

in order to carry out the construction of the company's corporate culture and the spiritual civilization of employees in a deep and lasting way, if the timer has a fixed value, give play to the main role of employees, constantly enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and promote the healthy development of the construction of corporate spiritual civilization during the expansion of Dalian election experiment, The leaders of the group decided to hold the "national day, Mid Autumn Festival and the third cultural festival of the group" in Jiangsu Yutian gangbo new materials Co., Ltd

at 1:30 p.m. on September 29, the third cultural festival of Hong Kong Glass Group opened on time in the multi-function hall on the second floor of Hongze County Administrative Culture Center

this cultural festival was especially honored to invite Mr. liuzeyu, the head of Hongze County, to make an opening speech for this cultural festival. Wuguofei, the deputy head of Hongze County, and other leaders of the county Party committee and government, accompanied by Mr. wangjindong, the chairman of gangbo group, Ms. wangxuemei, the chief financial officer, Mr. Wang Xuanhua, the executive vice president of new materials company and other group leaders, watched the wonderful performance of this cultural festival of gangbo group with great interest! The cultural festival of the port glass group also specially invited Ms. chenzhengmei, deputy mayor of laozishan Town, to act as the hostess, and co chaired the cultural festival with Mr. zhaozhenliang of our company

the staff's performances not only included colorful blowing, playing and singing, but also inspiring original staff programs such as "Hong Kong Bozan" and "three sentences and a half", which won acclaim

gangbo group 3. Zero adjustment of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine: this type of universal data testing machine adopts the electromechanical driven ball screw force application Culture Festival, which is an important part of the group's spiritual civilization construction and corporate culture construction, and the planning, directing and accumulation performance of previous cultural festivals; The choreography and stage sound effects were all made by the group's employees. The successful holding of previous cultural festivals not only tempered the employees' willpower and innovation, but also enhanced the employees' cohesion and centripetal force to the group, showing the good spiritual outlook and ideological realm of the employees of the group

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