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The centenarian and his 96 year old wife have been married for 75 years and have never quarreled in and out. Holding hands with each other, they took a group photo of more than 50 people. The family photo of the centenarian and his 96 year old wife kept a promise. The old couple stayed with each other for 75 years. "Let's look at the camera, 3, 2, 1..." at noon on January 6, in a farmhouse in Dongsheng Street, Shuangliu District, with the sound of the "click" shutter, the smiles of the centenarian lingzhengxing and his family were frozen. The proportion of lifetime use has risen significantly. Thrifty people are allowed to "host" birthday parties because they want to take photos. They should adopt synchronous counter circuit to eliminate burrs. Besides, they can sit at six tables. What's more, his 96 year old wife, wuxuewen, is also very healthy. Their love for each other has been spread to the neighbors

no one missed more than 50 people to freeze the family portrait

the centenary birthday of the old man began to be prepared more than half a month in advance. Everyone in the family asked for leave in advance, bought Tang costumes and ordered cakes for the old man. "This time, none of our family's more than 50 people was absent." Grandson lingzhibin said

at noon, Ling Zhengxing greeted everyone who came to him. "That is the son of the son, who is the farthest away; that is the granddaughter of the eldest daughter, who is a mother." Uncle Ling counted, counted and stared at the people coming and going. "It's all here, it's all here, you can take a picture of the whole family."

uncle Ling is looking forward to the family photo. This time everyone is thinking about it. Even the children who are not sure that they can come back have appeared early. With the sound of the shutter, a family photo of 50 people from five generations finally came into being. This is the family photo of Uncle Ling, who has lived for 100 years. "Take me to look at the photos and see if they are good." Uncle Ling, who just finished taking photos, couldn't help but want to see the photos

looking at the family photo, uncle Ling said, "everyone is very kind to me and keeps me." He said that the family photo was a memorial, and that this "perfection" made him have no regrets. Lingzhengxing and his wife wuxuewen are in good health, but their children take care of them, that is to say, they are not absent. The brothers and sisters of the family "arrange shifts" and take turns to accompany the elderly at home and take care of their three meals a day. "They are old. Although they are strong, they still have to guard against bumps." Lingzhongcheng, the son of Uncle Ling, said that it is the duty of the children to accompany the elderly and let them enjoy their family happiness

"don't make it so complicated. Just have a meal together." At the farmhouse lekong dam, Ling Zhengxing sat in a chair wearing a red Tang suit and looked at the busy 1. Before the test, the pendulum daughters and grandchildren were replaced according to the requirements of impact energy. Although he "complained" that the birthday party was too heavy, it was difficult to hide his smile. "You wait for them to be busy. This is for your birthday. They are happy." His 96 year old wife wuxuewen said aside. Uncle Ling listened in his heart. He took grandma Wu's hand and said, "I am more grateful for you. For so many years, we have never been separated, whether in difficult times or in today's well-off life. Just as I promised to accompany you to old age, today is a witness." Mrs. Wu listened in her heart. She took uncle Ling's hand and smiled

"lingzhengxing and I have been neighbors for decades. We have never seen their faces blush and quarrel. They go in and out hand in hand for fear that if they let go, the other party will run away. At first, the neighbors laughed at them. Over time, they took them as an example to learn from. Take me for example. When I quarreled with my wife, I said he should learn from Ling Zhengxing." The 77 year old granny Zhang mentioned the love of lingzhengxing and his wife at ordinary times, and she was always envious

"now, we all take our grandparents as examples. Although their love is not as vigorous as that of today's young people, the most ordinary persistence is the best witness." Lingzhibin said that the two old people have gone through a total of 75 years from their youth to their old age. Their eldest daughter is 66 years old and their youngest grandson is 2 years old. They live together for five generations. They are happy together

the secret of longevity is not to be picky about food.

"father and mother speak clearly, regulate clearly, have a good appetite, and can take care of themselves." Speaking of the living habits of the two old people at home, lingzhongcheng, Mr. Ling's 64 year old son, said that every morning, the old people would get up on time. "After getting up, they all had to go out for a walk. Exercise is not staying at home every day." The old man said that he was never picky. His family ate whatever they cooked, but tried not to eat too many greasy things. Uncle Ling loved vegetables and fruits most. He cut the fruits and fruits into thin slices and chewed them slowly

when asking the longevity star for the secret of longevity, it seems to the family that the old man's longevity is due to his good mentality. "I have never seen him angry." The granddaughter said that in her impression, the old man was always happy. The old man said, "you see, my daughter, son and grandchildren are so filial, they never make me angry, and my wife has been silently accompanying me. I must have a good attitude and must live longer!" The old man said that no matter how busy the family is, they will take the time to make friends with themselves and set up a dragon's gate array when they go home to visit

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