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Celsineo – new technology of refrigerated transportation

Kleiner has successfully cooperated with Liebherr in the development, sales and maintenance of trailer refrigeration equipment. The partnership combines Liebherr's refrigeration expertise with Clooney's years of experience in the manufacture, sales and service of refrigeration semi trailers. Globally, unique technology enables optimal cooling temperature control for road transportation

Liebherr and Kleiner signed a cooperation agreement

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Kleiner and Liebherr have established a partnership in the development, sales and service of refrigeration equipment. The two companies have signed relevant cooperation agreements. In the future, according to this agreement, Liebherr will develop, manufacture and supply refrigeration equipment for temperature controlled road transportation. Kraunay will install these components in its refrigerated semi-trailer and provide them to the customer as a complete package. In addition, Clooney's extensive service network in Europe also enables it to provide professional maintenance and repair services, and provide a fast supply of accessories for all aspects of the new innovative cooling system celsineo

Liebherr's patented system concept provides users with modern and future oriented solutions. The completely reconsidered modular design ensures the maximum availability, and the cost efficiency is easy to increase. I can also use the useful and direct services to pull more force in the future. For Kleiner and Liebherr, the focus is on maximizing the interests of customers. Both partners have contributed to the new cooling system with their rich experience and knowledge

Josef gropper, managing director and chief operating officer of Liebherr aerospace and Transportation Co., Ltd., said: "the two companies complement each other due to their respective advantages, technology leadership and market image", "As far as new products are concerned, we can use our rich knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning systems for aircraft and railway vehicles to meet the special requirements of road transportation. The unique technology of this equipment also proves Liebherr's innovation ability."

Bernard krone, executive partner of kraunay group, stressed: "the cooperation with Liebherr in the field of (3) electrical system: wiping motor and serpentine surface transmission refrigeration is another measure of kraunay group to pay attention to customer demand and international market demand. In this regard, our company's strategy of improving service intensity throughout Europe is a key point, and the implementation of a new business model for our customers is also a key point."

two powerful partners

Liebherr - a pioneer in leading the trend and innovation

Liebherr group is active in many fields around the world. Field measurement method for insertion loss of various outdoor sound barriers since 1970 ISO 10847:1997, Liebherr has always represented a series of exquisite products and services. For example, the company has extensive technical and professional knowledge in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning, electronic systems, electrical and drive. Household refrigeration systems, retailers' refrigeration systems and transport logistics refrigeration units enable Liebherr to provide a safe and reliable integrated cold chain

kraoner - preferred for refrigerated semi trailers

kraoner is one of the leading manufacturers of truck trailers and semi trailers in Europe. Kraunay's Refrigerated semi-trailer provides a correct solution for various transportation tasks in temperature controlled road transportation. The company is known for its rugged and robust design, which can achieve even the smallest details, and enjoys a very cost-effective reputation

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