Flexible mobile phone curtain opens for the first

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Recently, Samsung launched a new 9.1-inch scalable mobile phone screen

it is reported that this flexible OLED screen can stretch up to 12mm on both sides, creating a new era of mobile screen technology

according to Samsung, this retractable screen can be applied to many fields, including wearable devices and car screens. Wearable devices made with this screen can resist earthquakes and falls, and even recover after deformation

the company said: "when you press it from top to bottom, the screen will sag like a rubber balloon, and it will return to its original state after you take it away."

according to insiders, Samsung released the product at the 2017sid conference recently held at the Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center

Samsung revealed to the Korean Herald, "at present, the flexible OLED screen can only deform in one direction, but this retractable screen can deform in two directions - whether you bend it or roll it."

in addition, Samsung will also display a 5.09-inch "glass free" 3D OLED screen and a new 1.96-inch 4K LCD screen. The pixel density of the latter has reached an amazing 2250 per inch, making it an ideal VR display

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