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Online shopping furniture is no longer a new thing in the 21st century. Now the pace of urban life is getting faster and faster. All kinds of consumers can buy beautiful and generous furniture in online furniture city without leaving home at any time

online furniture shopping is no longer a new thing in the 21st century. The pace of urban life is getting faster and faster. All kinds of consumers can buy beautiful and generous furniture in the online furniture city without leaving home. Consumers can also easily form groups to buy furniture in groups. Such a phenomenon is not a minority, which is also a symbol of the development of the Internet age

now a wide range of goods and different services are put on the website, and they are traded through publicity. In this network sales market, there are all kinds of strange things. There are profits and losses, and there are profits and losses. Furniture Customization is the same. Since it is all goods, it can also be customized online. But because of its own characteristics, customized furniture is different from other products. Since it belongs to customized products, everyone knows that the whole process is more cumbersome and complex. Unlike buying a light bulb or something, there are times when buying a dress doesn't fit, and it's customized furniture with customized customization as its selling point! In fact, it is not impossible to customize online. As long as the customization process meets the standards and pays attention to the relevant matters of customization details, the trouble caused by customized furniture can be effectively avoided! When choosing customized furniture, many people often blindly pursue individuality, ignoring the use of living space and the living habits of their families, making customized products lose practical significance

1. Determine the furniture style and style:

first of all, meet the daily needs of family members. When choosing customized furniture, the type and size of products should be determined according to the number and situation of family members. If the area of the house is limited, but the population is slightly large, the customization of furniture should focus on saving space. When choosing wardrobe, cabinet and other products, the shape should be as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small. Many people complain that the customization of furniture is not compatible with the home decoration style. In this regard, domestic designers suggest that the style of furniture customized for home furnishings should be determined during decoration. When the decoration is finished, the style cannot be unified. Therefore, you should make a list of the furniture you want to customize for your house, determine the approximate shape of the furniture in combination with the structure, style, size, etc. of the house, and use sketches to replace the drawings of the early furniture design. For example, is the style of customized wardrobe sliding doors? Or did you cover the door? Is it made of metal? Or solid wood? Is it European? Or Mediterranean style? For such problems, we should have a general grasp of our furniture, think about the desired shape, size, style and style, not specific, but a general style model, so that the customized furniture work will be simpler in the future

2. The measuring ruler must be standardized:

with the model and shape of the customized furniture, you know that the customized furniture is required at home. How high is the customized furniture? The orientation and placement of the customized furniture are clearly understood. Only then can you accurately measure the place where it should be placed. With the shape in front and the location determined, the size of the furniture will not change greatly, Only in this way can the reported size be more accurate, and the furniture can be put down. It must meet the specifications, not too prominent, nor too small to put! Therefore, the furniture model prediction in the early stage is very important for the measuring ruler. You must report accurate dimensions to customize the furniture that meets your own needs

3. Furniture mall manufacturers must choose a good one:

on the Internet, various furniture websites and various modes make people dizzy and at a loss. Customized furniture makers should always have a heart of prevention, shop around, make a reasonable budget, and constantly browse the Internet with a skeptical attitude, and never choose! And those seemingly cheap customized furniture should be careful. There may be nothing wrong on the surface. After using it for a period of time, you can realize the truth of "one price, one goods", so it's good to drag it until online comments are good. Only when the conditions such as the best reputation or the introduction of relatives and friends appear, can you start customization. This mentality of consumers is certainly normal, but if the decoration time at home is in a hurry, Then there is not so much time to waste. The customizer just wants to choose those with good reputation, good products and first-class after-sales service, so we have to volunteer

4. The product receipt must be carefully checked:

the manufacturer has customized it, paid the deposit and placed the order, so the customized furniture products are produced and shipped, and the manufacturer ships them to the customer's home. Some online customization methods include free shipping and free door-to-door installation, which can also help customers save a lot of trouble. After all, it is still a little difficult to assemble large and complex furniture! Generally, express companies deliver goods to their doorsteps. When picking up goods, they should pay attention to whether the outer package of furniture is printed with the manufacturer's logo. Whether it is damaged. If it is found that it is damaged, it must be disassembled for acceptance. It must be opened to see whether the furniture is damaged. At the same time, the evidence must be left with a camera. Only in this way can we fully protect our legitimate rights and interests

5. Service warranty cannot be less:

General products will be accompanied by product manuals, warranty sheets, quality assurance certificates, etc. be sure to check and keep the relevant certificates for future maintenance and use. If you find any problems in the process of use, you should call the manufacturer according to the phone number on the warranty sheet and ask the manufacturer for solutions. If you need to replace them, you should do it in time! If it's a small problem that you can solve by yourself, then you can remedy it yourself and save trouble. The most important thing in the whole process is that it can bring convenience to the majority of consumers in the use process, rather than adding the trouble of customizing furniture, planting the evil consequences of the problem, so that consumers can customize happily and end up grumbling! has always insisted on not letting consumers worry, not letting consumers worry at all, not letting consumers be dissatisfied, and letting consumers customize's furniture is a matter of enjoyment, enjoying high-quality services and exquisite furniture

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