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For ordinary citizens, buying a house may be the biggest investment in their life. But often the joy of getting the new house key will soon be replaced by the trouble of decoration. In this regard, industry insiders remind consumers to be careful to guard against various traps in the home decoration market. Recently, Mr. Yang, who lives in Washington, Zhongshan, came to the Qiaodong District Consumers' Association and reported that he signed a house decoration contract with a home decoration company in August this year to decorate the newly purchased house. The house decoration was completed on October 20. After heating on November 17, Mr. Yang found that due to the decoration of the new house, the heating pipes ran out of water in many places, resulting in the deformation of the wooden floor. Subsequently, Mr. Yang has repeatedly asked the home decoration company for compensation, but has not received a satisfactory response. After accepting Mr. Yang's complaint, the staff of Qiaodong District Administration for Industry and Commerce and the consumers' Association carefully examined the "decoration contract" signed by both parties and conducted a field inspection of Mr. Yang's damage. After mediation, the two sides finally reached an agreement that the home decoration company should pay Mr. Yang 5000 yuan as compensation and repair the damaged floor and other items. In view of how to prevent similar disputes and avoid losses caused by home decoration, insiders remind consumers to pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Try not to find decoration guerrillas

2. It is very important to sign a perfect home decoration contract. There is only a verbal agreement between some consumers and the construction team, which is very troublesome once a lawsuit is filed. At the same time, when signing the contract, each clause should be written clearly and operable, especially the quality clauses, payment clauses and acceptance clauses related to the decoration project. If some decoration contents are changed during the decoration process, the contract should also be changed in writing in time

3. When signing the decoration contract with the home decoration company, consumers must clarify the compensation problem, especially in special circumstances, they need to pay more attention to avoid disputes over compensation after problems occur




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