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Aluminum clad wood windows originated from Germany, not fake,? However, Germany is in a warm and humid westerly zone, and the overall characteristics of the German climate are stable and mild. However, China has a vast territory and actually spans five climate zones. The climate types are diverse and complex...

aluminum clad wood windows originated from Germany, which is true,

but Germany is in a warm and humid westerly zone,

stable and mild is the overall feature of Germany's climate

China is a vast country,

it actually spans five climatic zones,

the types of climate are diverse and complex,

"parachute window" can really cope with severe cold, plum rain, windy sand, strong sunlight...

am I such a "willful" Greater China

Chinese people should use windows that understand China better

eliminate the false and retain the true, adjust measures to local conditions,

import raw materials, imported equipment,

106 processes, 230 inspection points,

through the hands of a pair of highly skilled people of senying doors and windows,

aluminum clad wood windows are noble and elegant, with excellent performance

senying people believe that good quality is never checked out,

but produced

senying's production workers are also very creative.

re creation projects have been completed by front-line workers since 2014. A total of 71 re creation projects have been completed,

the creation of fan tenoning process, the development of layering and corner forming process,

the optimization and improvement of vertical assembly line...

the creation and improvement of this item,

are all created by front-line workers with scientific analysis and continuous attempts

not only that,

senying people also independently developed a series of world's first wood window production equipment,

filling the gap in many domestic wood window automatic production processes

? The world's first automatic production line of external aluminum plate and frame

? China made the world's first automatic loading machine for wooden windows

? China's first CNC argon arc welding machine for outer aluminum plate and frame

? The world's first automatic processing equipment for ship components

strict quality control, continuous process innovation,

senying aluminum clad wood window production does not miss any details,

create China's own high-quality aluminum clad wood window

deputy general manager of Mori Ying and manager of wood window Department:

"because we know China better, we have higher quality!"





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