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On April 7, our long-awaited Hangzhou exhibition hall finally met with our relatives in Hangzhou

the camel floor heating Hangzhou exhibition hall is located in the Dobe e-manor Park in Dongxi, Hangzhou, which is the intersection of Dongning road and Xintang Road, close to Hangzhou east railway station, with a superior geographical location

after leaving the East Square of the east railway station, you can walk a few steps to see the Dobe e-manor in Hangzhou Dongxi, which is composed of several gray and blue buildings, and the Hangzhou exhibition hall with camel floor heating is inside

the park covers an area of more than 90000 square meters. It is obviously an office space, but it is created by designers to be beautiful. The fish tank is suspended in midair, and the bright dome of the Star River is raised. There are all kinds of catering, office and fitness facilities in the park. Such art and beauty make people feel happy

enter the park, enjoy the scenery of the park, and then come to the camel floor heating exhibition hall located in a328. The newly decorated stores are spacious, bright, clean and tidy, giving customers a good sense of experience

the floor heating system has a large display area, which comprehensively displays the appearance of products and the integrated connection and operation of the system. The hollowed out boiler device with transparent panel fully demonstrates the internal operation, and the excellent quality is clear at a glance

what are you waiting for to install floor heating? Come to the camel floor heating Hangzhou exhibition hall for consultation and experience

exhibition hall address: a328, Dobe e-manor, Dongxi, No. 553, Dongning Road, Jianggan District

Tel.: 0571-86970097400367890




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