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Weiye takes "Prospering great cause through science and technology, creating famous brand through quality" as its corporate mission and quality policy, and "building a century of great cause and creating a world famous brand" as its strategic vision, and is committed to building the aluminum profile group with the most global influence

Weiye takes "Prospering great cause through science and technology and creating famous brand through quality" as its corporate mission and quality policy, and "building a century old great cause and creating a world famous brand" as its strategic vision. Based on domestic and global perspectives, Weiye serves the society, gives back to the society, shares the growth value of the enterprise with global customers, realizes win-win results, strives to create greater economic and social benefits, and is committed to building the aluminum profile group with the most global influence

――― Guangdong Weiye group

enterprise brief

Guangdong Weiye group, founded in 1992, has three brands of Weiye aluminum, Weiye doors and windows, and Weiye aluminum furniture. Its products are widely used in construction engineering, transportation, electronics and appliances, sanitary ware, home office and other fields. At present, it has three major industrial bases with an annual production capacity of more than 300000 tons, including Nanhai Shishan production base area a, Nanhai Shishan production base area B, Jiangsu Xuzhou production base, etc.

changhongling production base area a

changhongling production base area B

Jiangsu Xuzhou production base

enterprise qualification honor

brand was founded in 1992. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, innovation and development, it is leading the forefront of the industry, It has won a series of honors such as the first batch of national "product quality exemption", "China famous brand", "China famous trademark", "China's top 10 industrial aluminum extrusion enterprises", "China's top 20 construction aluminum profile enterprises", "Asia's top 500 brand enterprises", "high-tech enterprises", Nanhai District Government Quality Award, Foshan Municipal Government Quality Award and so on

R & D innovation, leading the times

◆ it has a nationally recognized laboratory

◆ provincial enterprise technology center

◆ expert group and enterprise technology R & D team

relying on the professional R & D team and expert technical guidance of nearly 100 people, Weiye has reached the international advanced level in production application, product R & D, product process quality and other overall technologies. Through independent research and development and technological transformation, the "10 core technologies" highlighted in key fields such as alloy optimization, melting and casting, extrusion, heat treatment, mold design and manufacturing, system doors and windows, and the formulation and drafting of 11 industry standards, 9 national standards, and 203 national authorized patents "have established the leading position of Weiye in the aluminum construction industry

intelligent green production

over the years, Weiye has continued to improve hardware equipment, practically practiced the social responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection, promoted the intensification, automation and improvement of production efficiency, and took the lead in introducing fully automatic vertical oxidation electrophoresis production line, fully automatic storage three-dimensional warehouse, large 7000 ton extruder in South China, etc

build a circular industrial chain of green aluminum applications

as a supplier of aluminum building system solutions, Weiye is committed to building a green aluminum application industrial chain, from exporting architectural aluminum profiles, industrial profiles, aluminum doors and windows, to aluminum household products. Solve the "user pain points" and build a circular high value-added whole industry chain from energy, aluminum processing and green aluminum products to terminals

create a new height of global influential brands

log in to the highway and Bridge anti-aircraft guns all over the country, swipe the screen of 20 airport advertisements, join hands with CCTV CCTV2 and CCTV4, dominate the Times Square in New York, stand on the media highland and speak to the world

Internet + industry maximization

◆ three major domestic production bases

◆ twenty major operation centers

◆ implement the five in one model of one hundred factories and one thousand stores

◆ 3000 experience pavilions are located in every province and city

◆ create a "weiyegou" network platform, integrate resources, and realize online selection and offline experience mode

strategic cooperation and win-win

with the strength advantages of brand quality, reputation, service and so on, Weiye has won the honor of "the preferred supplier of China's top 500 real estate developers", and has established a strategic partnership with well-known real estate developers across the country for win-win cooperation. From civil buildings, commercial buildings, government buildings, large venues, transportation hubs, water conservancy projects, China ordnance industry to international airports, Weiye's benchmark projects continue to refresh the height of the industry

since its establishment, Weiye has adhered to the enterprise policy of "Prospering Weiye through science and technology and creating famous brands through quality", met the needs of upstream and downstream industrial chains, provided customized aluminum alloy building system solutions, and provided systematic profiles and advanced technical support for real estate developers, builders, processors, and building material dealers, successfully building the most globally influential aluminum profile industry group





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