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Where do the next generation of investors go from here? - Today News Post Today News || UK News

An intriguing advertisement for an investment platform popped up on my social media feed this weeks role is limited, but does includ. Not only did it feature a picture of a female investor, but she had prominent tattoos on both arms.

Inked or not, there’s nothing that precludes women from investing. But this was an ad for Hargreaves Lansdown, the UK’s biggest investment platformstringency index, which usually features pictures of besuited middle-aged men smiling back, somewhat awkwardly, from its marketing material.

The likely reason for this sudden swervepublishedepoch? To appeal to the “next generation” of investors, who have been shaking up global stock markets from the comfort of their bedrooms using Reddit messaging boards and trading apps.

The allure of day trading has been building since the start of the pandemic, fuelled by social media, low-cost apps and a captive audience of locked down twenty-somethings willing to take a punt.

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