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Sany Nanjing invests in the construction of "Sany service center"

Sany Nanjing invests in the construction of "Sany service center"

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private heavy industry enterprise Sany is "selling" in Nanjing again: at the re negotiation meeting, we signed a cooperation agreement on the investment and construction of "Sany service center". We will make progress directly

at present, Sany Heavy Industry is still the most common private heavy industry enterprise in the food packaging industry, which is active in the domestic heavy construction machinery market. The relevant person in charge of Sany Heavy industry listed a figure to yesterday. Since April this year, the monthly sales volume of Sany Nanjing market has been more than 80million yuan, more than double that of the same period last year. Such performance has strengthened Sany's confidence in investing in Nanjing. He revealed that in the future, the "Sany service center" in Nanjing will be located in Qixia District, and its business model is a little similar to that of "front store and back factory", but in the initial stage, it will mainly focus on "stores", and make Sany's services, especially after-sales services, home, and at the same time, it will produce some spare parts. The investment of the whole project will exceed 50million yuan. Today, only a few steel mills made inquiries to replenish the warehouse

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