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The current situation, development trend and Countermeasures of pharmaceutical packaging paper in China

I. The current situation of the development of pharmaceutical packaging paper in China

white paperboard, also known as folding box paperboard, is an important material for making pharmaceutical commodity packaging, especially the white paperboard in white paperboard is widely used in small packaging of pharmaceutical commodities. Due to the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, the market demand for white paperboard and white cardboard has been very strong in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. The following table shows the consumption of white board and carton board products in China in recent years

in 1985, the output of white paperboard in China was only 170000 tons. In 2004, the output of white paperboard and white cardboard in China reached 6.7 million tons, an increase of 21.82% over 2003. The consumption was 7.72 million tons, an increase of 19.69% over 2003. Among them, 6.3 million tons of coated white paperboard, an increase of 23.53% over 2003, and the consumption was 7.31 million tons, an increase of 21.23% over 2003

in the total import and export volume of paper and paperboard in 2004, the varieties with large import volume include coated paper, carton board, coated white board and corrugated base paper, with a total import volume of 4.51 million tons, accounting for about 73% of the total import volume of paper and paperboard

advanced folding cartons used for cigarette, medicine, cosmetics and other commodity packaging are generally made of chemical wood pulp and mechanical ground wood pulp. For half a century, China's paper industry has followed a raw material route based on straw pulp. Now the country attaches great importance to the supply of fiber raw materials for paper making, and has proposed to take the road of "forest and paper" integrated development

II. The development prospect of China's pharmaceutical packaging paper

according to the survey of relevant information materials, there were about 3500 paper and paperboard production enterprises in China in 2004, with some relevant informants added to the experiment. In recent years, the production capacity of China's paper industry is in the stage of rapid rise. The social demand for paper and paperboard increases steadily with the growth of gross domestic product (GDP), and there is a very close relationship between them. According to the analysis, the per capita GDP of 500 ~ 15000 US dollars is a period of rapid growth of the paper industry. At the end of the ninth five year plan, China's per capita GDP has reached 800 US dollars, entering a period of rapid development of paper and paperboard consumption. The large 6015-t4 growth in production and demand reflects the huge demand of the market, which contains huge market space and business opportunities. This trend has also attracted the attention of all relevant departments. In order to meet the needs of national economic development and fill the huge market demand for pharmaceutical packaging paper, all regions are very active in the production lines of white paperboard and white cardboard. Table 3 lists some new production lines with an annual output of more than 100000 tons of white paperboard and white cardboard

at present, most of the projects in Table 3 have been completed and put into operation, and a few will be completed around 2005. At that time, the production capacity of China's white paperboard will exceed 8million tons, of which the production capacity of white paperboard will also be significantly improved, which will play an important role in easing the tension of China's pharmaceutical packaging paper, replacing imports and reducing packaging costs

III. Development Trend and suggestions of pharmaceutical packaging paper in China

the rapid development of national economy in recent years has formed a huge demand for pharmaceutical packaging paper, which has brought new development space to the development of China's paper industry. As domestic and foreign investment circles are optimistic about China's paper industry, it is expected that the production capacity of China's pharmaceutical packaging paper will maintain a sustained growth momentum:

1 China is short of forest resources, and the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic high-grade pharmaceutical packaging paper with wood pulp as raw material will continue for a period of time, pending the further implementation of the development policy of "forest and paper" to make the specimen subject to axial pressure

2. The production of new domestic white paperboard production lines plays a great role in improving the production capacity of China's white paperboard, but the product structure is mainly medium and low-grade, and the production capacity of high-grade pharmaceutical packaging paper needs to be further improved

3. The future development of China's paper industry is facing the transition from many small paper mills to intensive and large-scale ones. A number of foreign-funded or joint venture large-scale paper enterprises have become the main producers of high-grade paper products in China. The rise of domestic private enterprises has added a new force to the development of our paper industry. As the expansion of production scale puts forward new and higher requirements for China's paper-making industry related industries (such as paper-making machinery and supporting chemicals), domestic enterprises should increase investment in science and technology, strengthen the development of new products and the research of application technology, so as to meet the growing demand for high-end medical packaging paper in China, reduce the import of high-end medical packaging paper, and thus reduce the proportion of medical color box packaging in the total cost of drugs, In order to promote the sustained, rapid and benign development of China's pharmaceutical industry and packaging industry

source of information: packaging machinery

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