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The current situation, outlook and policy guidance of China's automotive equipment

the convening of the 2014 China Automotive forum is of great and positive significance. It discusses the development trends and challenges of the automotive industry under the new economic transformation, how to speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, and how to realize the transformation of China's automotive industry from a large country to a powerful country. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information and ideas about China's automotive equipment manufacturing industry

Since the reform and opening up, especially in the new century, China's automotive industry has achieved rapid development. In 2013, China's automobile production and sales both exceeded 21million, ranking first in the world for the fifth consecutive year. The sustained and rapid development of China's automotive industry has led to the development of automotive manufacturing equipment, and the independent innovation and localization of equipment technology have also made important progress, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: Solvay's materials meet the biocompatibility standards defined in ISO 10993:1:

first, the vehicle manufacturing process equipment has made a substantive breakthrough. At present, China's independently produced stamping production line has occupied a dominant position in the market, and the localization rate of panel stamping equipment has reached 80%. Major domestic stamping equipment manufacturing enterprises have been able to provide a complete set of single machine online automatic production lines. For example, the technical performance of the large-scale automatic stamping equipment of Jinan No.2 machine tool has reached the international advanced level. It has provided stamping production lines for Shanghai General Motors Dongyue automobile company and FAW Volkswagen, and has successfully obtained orders for 6 production lines from Ford's American factory. The suppliers of welding production lines have gradually changed from complete sets imported from abroad to full line integrated domestic manufacturing. For example, Tianjin Fuzhen has independently developed the flexible welding line technology with an annual output of 200000 vehicles, and has provided dozens of vehicle welding production lines for many automobile manufacturers at home and abroad. Guangzhou mingluo has provided many flexible welding production lines for Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW cars, GAC Honda and other enterprises

secondly, the quality and reliability of parts production equipment have been continuously improved. With the improvement of domestic control technology and component reliability, the pouring machine products have made breakthroughs. For example, Jinan Jiemai Casting Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. and other enterprises developed a pouring machine suitable for China's national conditions, and soon occupied the domestic market; At present, China YITUO Group, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Weichai Power Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers have adopted the tilting pouring machine independently developed in China, and the operation is good

thirdly, the level of autonomy of automobile assembly and transportation equipment has been significantly improved. At present, the conveying equipment with assembly process can be manufactured in China, and the quality is reliable. The independent supply system of conveying equipment has been established. According to statistics, the proportion of domestic transmission equipment in the assembly line of joint ventures has reached 70%, and the proportion of non joint ventures has reached 90%. Huangshi Sanfeng, Huangshi Zhongcheng and other enterprises have formed a series of gourd products on their own, and Jiangsu Tianqi, Oriental Logistics, Chengde Tianbao and other enterprises have formed a series of products of accumulation type suspension conveyors; The market advantages of AGV products produced by Shenyang Xinsong, Yunnan Kunchuan, Beijing Jike and other enterprises are relatively prominent

while seeing the rapid growth of the automotive equipment industry, we must note that for a long time, the key equipment of China's automotive manufacturing, such as powertrain and other key parts manufacturing equipment, body manufacturing and assembly equipment, and equipment required for the development of new energy vehicles, the core technology basically depends on Enterprises in Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions. At present, China's automotive equipment manufacturing industry has entered the stage of combining independent innovation and technology introduction, but compared with the rapid development of China's automotive industry, there are still great deficiencies, mainly manifested in:

first, the technical level is relatively backward, and the ability of independent innovation is not strong

China's automotive equipment technology foundation is weak, there are few original technologies and patented products, the product technology level is low, the reliability is poor, and there is a large gap with foreign countries. China's automotive equipment manufacturing industry has a serious lack of investment in the research and development of new products and new processes, and its independent innovation ability is not strong; Domestic enterprises often stay on the introduction and imitation, or carry out technological transformation of non key components, rather than secondary development after digesting and absorbing foreign technology. Chinese joint venture automobile enterprises almost completely copy foreign models in production line and process design. In order to ensure product quality and smooth production, they almost completely use the production equipment used by foreign-funded automobile enterprises, which makes it difficult for domestic automobile manufacturing equipment to have technology and innovative development. An unnamed power battery enterprise employee revealed to me

second, the whole vehicle and parts production equipment are highly dependent on foreign countries

at present, the level of domestic automotive equipment manufacturing industry is at least 10 years behind the international advanced level. More than 90% of the production equipment used by China's top five vehicle enterprises in terms of domestic sales are imported, and China's automobile equipment manufacturing has a dependency on foreign technology of more than 70%. Imported processing equipment is mainly used for automobile stamping, welding, coating and final assembly. There is a large gap between flexible stamping automatic production line and foreign countries, and high-efficiency precision stamping equipment for parts and components still needs to be imported in large quantities; The localization rate of coating equipment, final assembly equipment and welding equipment is only about 20%, among which the equipment used in medium and high-end cars of class B and above is basically imported. Some domestic manufacturers can provide some equipment for the coating line, but the high-end coating with stable performance basically depends on imports, and almost all car welding assembly lines rely on imports. In addition, the automatic assembly line of complete vehicles is the weakest link of automotive equipment in China. With the shortening of the life cycle of automotive products and the fierce market competition, the automotive industry has higher and higher requirements for equipment. The accuracy, efficiency, reliability, completeness and other aspects of domestic equipment are not high, and the external dependence of automotive manufacturing equipment will remain high

third, the industrial structure of automotive equipment is still unreasonable

at present, there are still some problems in automotive industry equipment, such as products are mostly concentrated in the middle and low-end level, product added value is not high, homogenization competition is fierce, high-end equipment and key components are still dependent on imports, and general products are surplus. According to incomplete statistics, the import of high-end machine tools reached more than 85% in 2013, and the import of machining centers alone exceeded US $5billion in the first 10 months of last year. Although the output value of China's machine tool industry has ranked first in the world and has been growing rapidly for ten consecutive years, the structural contradiction of the whole industry is becoming increasingly prominent

fourth, the service awareness and level of enterprises are backward

as a fixed asset investment, automotive equipment has the characteristics of large one-time investment and long service life, and the production of automotive products has high requirements for continuity. The shutdown and maintenance of automotive equipment is easy to cause economic losses to the whole vehicle and parts manufacturing enterprises. Therefore, the after-sales service of automotive equipment has a great impact on customers're purchase. The backward awareness and level of after-sales service of domestic automobile equipment manufacturing enterprises also affect the overall sales of equipment enterprises. Different from the sales mode of domestic automotive equipment manufacturing industry, international automotive equipment suppliers have begun to provide comprehensive solutions: that is, they no longer aim at simply selling equipment, but provide complete and comprehensive solutions according to user needs to help users maximize the return on investment

fifth, robots are used with low density

the use density of industrial robots in China's automotive industry is far lower than the global average. Statistics show that in 2012, the density of industrial robots in the automotive industry in the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea was 1200 units/10000 people, while the density of industrial robots in China's automotive industry reached only 150 units/10000 people, which is one eighth of the average value of the above countries

China's future market demand for automotive equipment will continue to expand

under the current world economic and political pattern, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are emerging, and China's economy has entered a transitional development period of medium and high-speed growth. The automotive industry continues to maintain the growth momentum, the demand for automotive equipment is expected to further expand, and the requirements for the flexibility, intelligence and green level of automotive equipment are also constantly improving

in the coming period, with the continuous promotion and in-depth development of China's industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, China's automotive industry will continue to maintain a growth trend, and automotive equipment will also usher in new market demand space. At the same time, accelerating the industrialization of new energy vehicles will stimulate the market demand for new energy vehicle production and testing equipment

in addition, the accelerating trend of international industrial transfer will continue. Some developed countries with relatively mature automotive industry and technology, such as the United States and Germany, have accelerated the outward transfer of automotive equipment manufacturing industry, which will provide a rare opportunity for China to actively undertake industrial transfer and accelerate the development of automotive equipment

with the rapid innovation of automotive technology and the accelerated development towards personalization, intelligence and greening, the requirements for the technical level and innovation ability of the automotive equipment manufacturing industry will be higher and higher, and the automotive manufacturing equipment is developing in the direction of flexibility, automation, intelligence and efficiency. For example, in the field of stamping equipment, the application of servo technology, automatic feeding technology, automatic die change technology and intelligent control technology will be more and more in-depth, and the stamping production line will gradually realize automation, flexibility, intelligence, high precision, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and safe production

it is worth noting that the development of automotive equipment in China is facing both favorable conditions and severe challenges: first, the cost of automotive manufacturing has a great impact on the sales of finished vehicles, making the quality, cost and reliability of automotive manufacturing equipment increasingly important; Second, there is a lack of high-end and innovative talents in the field of domestic automotive equipment manufacturing, and there is a shortage of middle and senior technicians, which is not conducive to the improvement of the level of equipment manufacturing industry; Third, the inertial thinking of some users about the poor quality of domestic equipment causes that domestic automotive equipment is still facing the problem of difficult promotion and Application on the whole. In this context, the transformation and upgrading of automotive equipment is more urgent

the Ministry of industry and information technology actively promotes the technological innovation and industrial application of automobile manufacturing equipment

the Ministry of industry and information technology has adopted a variety of policies to support the innovation, demonstration application and industrialization of automobile manufacturing equipment in recent years

first, implement the major scientific and technological special project of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment to support the innovation and breakthrough of automobile manufacturing equipment

the automobile manufacturing industry is the largest user of CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment (accounting for about 40% of the total), and it is one of the four key areas supported by the 04 special program. In terms of host, functional components and common technologies, there are 86 special support directions in 04; 43 are directly related to the automotive industry, accounting for 50%. In terms of the number of projects, the automotive industry accounted for 36% of the total number of 04 special projects; In terms of project funds and state allocated funds, the automotive industry accounts for about 20% of the total special investment in 2004

second, implement the special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment to support the integrated innovation and demonstration application of automotive manufacturing equipment. In order to implement the decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries and accelerate the innovative development and industrialization of intelligent manufacturing equipment, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of industry and information technology organized and implemented the special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment in 2011. The special project focuses on supporting the R & D and demonstration application of intelligent measurement and control devices and major intelligent complete sets of equipment, as well as the demonstration construction of digital workshops in key fields. The automobile manufacturing industry is a key area of special support. In the past three years, it has supported automatic welding

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