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Sany's new products frequently appear in the biggest highlight of internationalization

Sany's new products frequently appear in the biggest highlight of internationalization

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Guide: on August 31, Sany, a leading construction machinery enterprise, released its 2013 semi annual report. In the general trend of market slowdown, Sany operates steadily, relies on scientific and technological support, frequently produces new products, and relies on the strong expansion of overseas markets, achieving a sales revenue of 22.09 billion yuan, Continue to lead the domestic construction machinery industry

on August 31, Sany Heavy Industry, a leading construction machinery enterprise, released its 2013 semi annual report. In the general trend of market slowdown, Sany operated steadily, relying on scientific and technological support and frequent new products. At the same time, relying on the strong expansion of overseas markets, Sany achieved a sales revenue of 22.09 billion yuan and continued to lead the domestic construction machinery industry

concrete machinery ranks first in the world

the sales of excavators rank first in China

this year, Sany Heavy Industry has increased its efforts in R & D and innovation, and takes this as an important support point to seek scientific and technological growth. According to the interim report, by 2013, Sany had applied for 4886 patents and authorized 3115 patents, ranking first in the industry

judging from the launch of new products in the market this year, Sany Heavy Industry is unique

Shenyin Wanguo released the latest research report, saying: "In the first half of the year, the business situation of construction machinery was still not prosperous, but Sany Heavy Industry paid attention to research and development and launched a number of highly competitive innovative products, such as A8 mortar master, C8 series pump truck, V8 concrete complete equipment for the rural market, C9 excavator, etc. in the absence of effective market recovery, the introduction of new products is conducive to the company to explore new profit growth points and improve market share."

c8 pump truck is the first Sino German hybrid product jointly developed by both sides after Sany Heavy Industry acquired Putzmeister. Through eight performance upgrades, it has stimulated customers' desire to buy. This year, the on-site signed orders in Jiangsu alone exceeded 600million yuan

v8 Urban Pioneer is a complete set of equipment developed by Sany Heavy Industry that is suitable for narrow rural roads. It is also an emerging research and development achievement that Sany continues to apply to the third and fourth level markets under such circumstances. Once it is listed, it will sell more than 100 sets

a8 mortar master wet mixing complete equipment is a new product initiated by SANY this year, which has triggered a revolution in the mortar construction industry. Xue Xiaobo of CITIC Securities believes that A8 is expected to create another market space of nearly 60billion yuan, and it is expected to achieve a sales revenue of 10billion yuan for Sany Heavy Industry in the future, becoming a new growth point of the company's business

c9 excavator continues to help Sany lead the excavator market by relying on key indicators and performance advantages such as fuel consumption, efficiency, and digging power

at the same time, in terms of technology leadership, C8 Sino German hybrid technology has helped Sany to distance itself from its competitors in the field of pump truck technology; A8 has absolute technological advantages and is not easy to be imitated by competitors; C9 excavator has achieved the goal of surpassing foreign brands in the mean time between failures by virtue of its greatly improved quality. Therefore, each factory can only provide users with the shrinkage range of the plastics produced by the factory

industry experts said that the transfer of domestic demand to the central and western regions and the sinking to the third and fourth tier cities, as well as the development of emerging markets and new categories, make the construction machinery industry still have great room for development after a golden decade. In response to the changes in the market pattern, only by continuously strengthening scientific and technological innovation and launching products that meet market demand can enterprises usher in stable development and sustained growth

with the help of the above series of new products, the sales revenue of Sany Heavy Industry concrete machinery in the first half of the year was 11.09 billion yuan, firmly ranking first in the global concrete machinery; The sales revenue of excavator is 5.28 billion yuan, also ranking first in the domestic market

overseas revenue soared by 66.5%

acceleration of internationalization

as one of the biggest highlights of this interim report, Sany Heavy Industry's performance is second to none in the international market. In the first half of the year, its international sales revenue was 5.439 billion yuan, an increase of 66.5% over the same period last year, accounting for 24.6% of the total

among them, Sany United States achieved an increase of 55.8%; Sany Asia Pacific increased by 90.1%; International sales of truck cranes increased by 44.3%. In the first half of the year, its international operating revenue increased by 66.5% over the same period last year, 64.23 percentage points higher than that of another industry leader, and its sales volume was 4.134 billion yuan more

Sany interim report shows that the localized operation of excavators, cranes and other products in strategic markets such as India and Brazil has made great progress. International sales of truck cranes increased by 44.3% over the same period last year, especially in strategic emerging markets such as Brazil and the Middle East, which won high praise from the market; The excavator has not only maintained a stable position in emerging markets such as Africa and the Asia Pacific, but also made significant breakthroughs in the U.S. market. Its performance and quality have reached world-class and are gradually recognized by the high-end market

it is worth noting that Putzmeister under Sany Heavy Industry also performed very well - with a total revenue of about 2.66 billion yuan, accounting for 12.03% of the total revenue

according to the research report released by Galaxy Securities, "We believe that the construction machinery industry will remain depressed in 2013, and put forward higher requirements for the growth quality of Companies in the industry. Sany proposes to take 'controlling risks, grasping the market, reducing costs, and selecting talents' as the current and current business priorities. There is another possibility that wet ball gauze will strengthen payment collection, reduce costs, and control risks for a period of time after it has been used for too long. At the same time, the company will vigorously expand overseas business, and internationalization will become the future Highlights for some time. "

it is worth mentioning that at the semi annual business work report meeting, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, clearly pointed out: "by 2016, I hope Sany's international sales will account for 35% of our group's sales.". At present, Sany Heavy Lift has achieved international sales accounting for 36%

analysts pointed out that it is necessary for Sany to seek a breakthrough in internationalization under the background that the short-term situation in the Chinese market is not very clear. It can be predicted that internationalization will also provide a strong driving force for the sustainable development of Sany

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