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Leaders of Jiangmen administration of work safety and peer enterprises visited Apple chemical to learn

leaders of Jiangmen administration of work safety and peer enterprises visited Apple chemical to learn

October 14, 2011

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[China paint information] on September 28, under the leadership of the Pengjiang district administration of work safety of Jiangmen City, who received training on the use of Evonik products (hereinafter referred to as "the administration of work safety"), More than 60 chemical enterprises and more than 100 people came to Jiangmen Apple Chemical Co., Ltd. for inspection, visit and study

During the period of

, the leaders of the Safety Supervision Bureau affirmed Apple chemical's remarkable achievements in safety production over the years, Prices of 188 products monitored by the petrochemical Federation "If there are good bidders, 77% of them fell year-on-year. They affirmed Apple chemical's high requirements in safety production and strict and standardized management, commended Apple chemical for setting a model for peer enterprises and becoming a sample for peer enterprises to learn. After visiting Apple chemical, peer enterprises standardized enterprise management, detailed quality management, modern plant environment, vibrant employee appearance, etc He was full of praise, exchanged his experience in the standardization of safety production management, and learned from the details and methods of Apple chemical's relatively simple production management specification in safety products

Apple chemical has attached great importance to safety production, environmental protection, product quality and other aspects since the establishment of the company. It has not only introduced international advanced production, environmental protection and testing equipment, but also implemented the ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system and other management systems, which are in line with the international advanced management system

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