Leaders of the most burning area went to Huabao gl

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Recently, Yan zonghuo, deputy secretary of the district Party committee, accompanied by relevant leaders of the United Front Work Department of the district Party committee and Shiqi Town, went to Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industry Co., Ltd. in Shiqi town to investigate

3. Its creep resistance and tightening strength are better than that of poly4 fluoroethylene. In Guangzhou Huabao Glass Industry Co., Ltd., the director is stronger than the real joint in two aspects. Chen Yechang introduced the operation and development of the company Founded in 1980, Huabao glass company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Hong Kong. It has produced glass materials for more than 20 years. It specializes in producing all kinds of glass materials such as Christmas lights, festival lights, energy-saving lights and all kinds of lamp caps. Its products are sold to South China, East China and central China at home, as well as Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States Since this year, the company has also inevitably been affected by the international financial crisis, and its output value and tax revenue have decreased compared with last year, but on the whole, it is still developing steadily

in order to meet the needs of the development of the situation, Huabao glass company gradually relocated its production and prepared to take the local as the headquarters economy and the sales headquarters in South China. The company insisted on using oil slurry with low sulfur content, and has not been complained about due to pollution problems Yan zonghuo expressed his appreciation for this. He hoped that Huabao company would make persistent efforts and achieve better results. At the same time, it should actively perform its social duties as always and make more contributions to the local economic and social development

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