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Leaders of the reconstruction machine company visited the Hunan market

on September 13, leaders of the reconstruction machine company led a team to the Hunan market to visit the necessary inspection points of the control panel of the plastic tensile testing machine. If the jaw tooth shape was blocked, they conducted a visit to investigate the regional market sales, dealer operations and the use of new products. On the morning of September 13, the leaders of the company visited Hunan Shanjian Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a regional distributor in Hunan, and listened to the report on the market sales and operation of the company in Hunan

on the afternoon of September 13, the user visit activity began. The leaders of the company had in-depth communication with customers, and expressed their gratitude to users for supporting and promoting the products of mountain reconstruction machine. Boss Zhu in Loudi District of Hunan Province has three gc258 and two gc228 of Shanzhong, which are regular customers of Shanzhong reconstruction machine. Boss Zhu said, "my car is mainly for mining. The longest working time is close to 9000 hours, and the average working time is close to 8000 hours. The machine leather is durable, works fast, and saves fuel. The service guy comes in time every time. After the new project starts at the end of the year, I am ready to buy another mc256 and mc386"

on September 14, the visiting team came to Sanweishan reconstruction machine's old customers in Huaihua District, Hunan Province. When communicating with users during the visit, users said that compared with foreign brands, Shanzhong brand products are drying and constant weight, with high work efficiency, low fuel consumption and good overall cost performance. They are good brand products made in China. Occasionally, there are small problems, and the service personnel respond in a timely manner. They are very satisfied with the product quality and service of Shanzhong

the recognition of users has further strengthened our confidence and determination to do a good job of national brands. Shan reconstruction machine will continue to improve product design and quality, further meet the changes in market demand, and improve user satisfaction. As a bushing, its service life is very long

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