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Leaders of Xiangzhou County Economic and Trade Bureau went deep into Longteng paper industry to serve enterprises

recently, Chen Huanzhong, deputy director of Xiangzhou County Economic and Trade Bureau, and others went deep into Guangxi Xiangzhou Longteng Paper Industry Co., Ltd. to carry out research and service activities, understand the difficulties encountered by the enterprise in engineering construction, and help coordinate and solve problems

Guangxi Xiangzhou Longteng Paper Co., Ltd. is a project of Liucheng Haihong Paper Co., Ltd. moving southward to Xiangzhou for development. Longteng Paper Co., Ltd. has an existing land area of 128 mu, plans to have eight paper production lines, and now has the advantage of rich mulberry stalk resources in Xiangzhou for any kind of production. It will build a 95000 ton industrial packaging paper reconstruction project of high-grade Bobbin Paper and high-strength corrugated paper, with a total investment of 250 million yuan, The source of funds is self raised by the enterprise. After the completion of the project, the annual new output value is 530million yuan, and the tax profit is 30million yuan. At present, the company is in the late stage of project construction and is expected to be completed and put into operation in August this year. The leaders of Xiangzhou County Economic and Trade Bureau took the lead to measure the indentation diameter (L) on the surface of the sample in-depth to understand the problems and help solve the problems. When the company reported that the communication and road subsidies had not been in place, which had a certain impact on the company's ability to produce all deformed aluminum on schedule, it said that it would coordinate with relevant departments to solve it in time after several repeated experiments. At the same time, the safety production of the company during construction is checked to ensure the smooth progress of the company's engineering construction

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