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In order to further understand the development of smart manufacturing and automation in Taiwan, Li Rongmin, director of the Taipei Office of the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products, and his delegation recently visited Taiwan Dongtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (precision machine tool manufacturing), Wanrun Technology Co., Ltd. (high-tech enterprises) and other enterprises to discuss their production and operation, innovation and development Visit and exchange relevant cross-strait cooperation issues

Dongtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is now one of the largest manufacturers of special machine tools in Taiwan. In order to comply with "industry 4.0", the enterprise implements the development strategy of smart machine tools, integrates traditional CNC machine tools with computers, and independently develops intelligent software. In the field of industrial 3D printing equipment, the company's products cover three major additive manufacturing mainstream technologies: binder jetting, powder bed fusion and direct energy deposition (DIR can be treated with landfill, etc.), especially the powder spraying laser melting composite processing equipment, which realizes the addition and subtraction method and is impressive

Wanrun Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology company that designs semiconductors, passive components, led process automation mechanical engineering, and must fully dry, process, manufacture, and support computer software. The company focuses on the research and development of core technologies, especially for the four key technologies of embedded micro control technology, precision fabric technology, high speed precision alignment, and visual inspection application (visual2: system technology when doing tensile experiments), and puts a high degree of research and development into advanced automated processes. Both companies have factories in the mainland

during the visits and exchanges, everyone held a positive attitude towards cross-strait cooperation. They believed that Taiwan's manufacturing industry was mainly OEM and lacked its own industry standards. In the future, the two sides should strengthen cooperation, jointly build industry standards and jointly deal with international challenges. Yan Ruixiong, chairman of Dongtai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., suggested cross-strait cooperation, interest binding, using the mainland market and R & D opportunities, giving full play to Taiwan's R & D strength advantages, jointly developing new machine tools, and realizing the import substitution of high-end products from Europe and the United States

Lu Jinglai, chairman of Wanrun technology, believes that Taiwan lacks specific support policies for Industry 4.0. Incombustible inorganic/organic composite foaming insulation materials and incombustible exterior wall insulation and decoration board systems are also insufficient. Enterprises should eventually follow users. The main market and users of the semiconductor industry are in the mainland, and cross-strait cooperation should be strengthened to achieve common development

CAI Qiquan, deputy director of the office, and heads of relevant departments participated in the visit and research

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