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On February 3, at the beginning of spring when everything recovers, the Shanhe smart 2020 Marketing Award Ceremony and the 2021 marketing spring training opening ceremony were held in the International Conference Hall of Shanhe smart headquarters building

heqinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligent, fuxiangdong, general manager, xiazhihong, executive general manager, Gongjin, zhangdaqing, zhujianxin, huangzhixiong, long Jucai, leiyanqun, Wang Jian, xiongdaoguang, wuwenwei, Zhang Aimin, senior consultant, yiyuxin, and others attended the meeting. All business divisions and overseas branches of Shanhe intelligence, international marketing and overseas companies, dealers and agents watch the ceremony online at the same time

long Jucai, deputy general manager of Shanhe intelligence, mentioned in his opening speech that in 2020, in order to solve the dilemma of COVID-19, chairman heqinghua led Shanhe intelligence to calmly deal with it, the marketing model pushed through the old to bring forth the new, the market order "epidemic" trend increased, and the annual revenue increased by 25% year-on-year. The outstanding achievements of this year embody the hard work and wisdom of employees at all levels, and are full of the hard work and sweat of all front-line marketing officers and men. From the northern cold winter below minus 30 degrees to the mining desert above 45 degrees, from Ali, Tibet, a barren land with an altitude of more than 5400 meters, to Lop Nur, Xinjiang, which is known as the "sea of death", where there are smart devices, there are our marketing service personnel. In 2021, under the new world pattern and new development situation, which is dominated by the domestic big cycle and promoted by the international and domestic double cycles, we should deeply understand and pay close attention to the implementation of the dynamic indication volatility of chairman he Qinghua at the business work conference: 3%fs; In the spirit of the speech, we will fully implement the market strategy with "four important and one rate" as the core, give full play to the "baton" role of market share, seize new opportunities, meet new challenges and achieve new achievements

this marketing award ceremony solemnly commended outstanding employees, excellent teams, top and second place in personal sales, top and second place in team sales and top, second and third place in market share in 2020

heqinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligent, made a final speech at the grand ceremony, expressing his appreciation to the officers and men of Shanhe intelligent marketing system, "It's not easy for the officers and men of the marketing system. In the special period of the epidemic, they took greater risks and insisted on fighting on the front line and around the world, helping Shanhe intelligence to make a good start in the first year of maturity. In 2020, General Secretary Xi came to the machine. 2. The machine used a special oil pump to supplement hydraulic oil to the pulser system to Shanhe, which also provided greater space for Shanhe's future development. This marketing award ceremony was not only a celebration of the achievements made in an unforgettable year, but also a general event Experience gained in 2020. In 2021, all departments of the company should, under the command of the baton of market share, make careful deployment for the new goal of "20 billion in two years and double in five years", win the battle of grabbing mountains and attacking positions, and step up to a higher level! "

join hands to set sail and sail thousands of miles through the wind and waves! The "fourteenth five year plan" has already started. In 2021, when opportunities and challenges coexist, this special drive is achieved through electronic injection. As members of the Bureau, all marketing personnel of Shanhe intelligence will also be fearless of wind and rain and the future, uphold their original intentions, move forward with high spirits, and firmly grasp the new opportunities of national policies such as "two new and one heavy" and "domestic and international double circulation". All the marketing personnel of Shanhe intelligence have lined up for the journey, and have spared no effort to achieve the strategic objectives of Shanhe intelligence in the new year and to blossom the leading innovation achievements of Shanhe intelligence everywhere

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