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PE production and sales dynamics of major petrochemical enterprises in China Yanhua: production was normal and sales were difficult. The price was reduced on March 30

Shanghai: normal production, lower price and average sales

Fushun: the price remains unchanged and the product is unsalable

Yangzi: it is reported that the production is normal and the sales are poor. It will be settled at the end of the month and will be unveiled tomorrow

Zhongyuan: normal production and average sales

Tianjin: price reduction. It is planned to start up on April 10

Panjin: production is normal, sales are OK, and there is little room for future decline

Maoming: high pressure and slow-moving, stable linear sales, and preferential railway transportation

Daqing: the sales are flat, the transaction is not prosperous, the price in the province has not been adjusted, and the price in the target market has declined slightly

Jihua: poor sales, large-scale preferential policies and low inventory

Lanhua: this week's PE sales situation this alliance is a "wedding gift" of Clariant. The granulator equipment has made unprecedented high-speed railway development plans in the United States, Russia, France, Britain, Brazil and other countries. The environmental pollution is very serious, the market sales are flat, and the price has not been adjusted

Guangzhou: there is no major change in the market, and the production and sales are basically balanced

Dushanzi: normal production, linear production. High density prices have been lowered

Jinfei: tr144 and 50100 are produced, and the sales situation is not good

Qilu: high pressure and high density sales are difficult, and linear sales are stable

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