Fresh logs make customized home return to nature

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[Erica whole house customization] at present, more and more people like to pursue a natural and environmentally friendly living environment. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, they all like to buy log colored furniture. Log colored furniture gives people a sense of freshness and simplicity, making the whole space warm and comfortable

what are the characteristics of log colored furniture and how to match log colored furniture? Let's take you to understand it

pure wood materials, combined with simple and fashionable gray, make users feel a beautiful feeling of simplicity to the extreme in pure nature, and make the texture of the whole space outstanding and full of fashion

the soothing and pressureless modern style and simple design can retain the warm and quiet time for the residence. We can see the overall style of the complete wood materials, and match the gray design in some scenes to form a perfect matching design. In the interweaving of wood color and gray, we feel natural and pure

wrapped in wood, the interior can always create more warmth and comfort, even if it is not a spacious space, even if it is a simple design method, using black, white and gray color collocation, whether in modeling or visual experience, it expresses the chapter of new life in a leisurely manner





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