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Where are you going during the National Day holiday? Traveling ----- crowded, staying at home ----- is a waste of time. During the seven day National Day holiday, Qu Xiaohui, the chief representative of Yantai Branch of Zhejiang Cohen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., was very busy. Looking at the sea of people in the store of Macalline, the red star of Cohen, Mr. Qu smiled and said, "the reason why I chose to open the business during the National Day is to let more consumers know Cohen and know Cohen. Although I haven't been doing Cohen for a long time, the quality of Cohen has given me great confidence."

in 2014, in order to open the Yantai market of Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance, manager Wu of Cohen Shandong region met Qu Xiaohui by chance and tried his best to recommend the series of products of Cohen kitchen appliances to him. Because there are already first-line brands Acting, Qu Xiaohui is very ambivalent about whether to join Cohen. However, in the end, he still had a try and bought a batch of Cohen appliances. What he didn't expect was that the feedback from these customers of Cohen kitchen appliances was very good after they bought it, which gave Qu Xiaohui great confidence

in September this year, Qu Xiaohui came to Zhejiang Cohen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. for an inspection, which strengthened Qu Xiaohui's idea. "After visiting the production workshop of Cohen company, I found that Cohen has good management, fashionable product appearance, first-class production line and strict quality inspection, which made me deeply feel that Cohen is on a par with some big brands." Quxiaohui told reporters that Shengzhou is the capital of kitchenware. Cohen's brand has done so well in recent years. Naturally, there is something unique about him. I think it's reasonable

after intensive preparation in the early stage, on October 2, Cohen Yantai exclusive store strongly entered the first-line home decoration store, red star Macalline. Qu Xiaohui: "Red Star Macalline, as the first brand in China's furniture industry, has ranked among the top 50 of China's top 500 private enterprises for five consecutive years. In 2007, it won the" domestic influential brand leader award "and the" influential brand leader award in the home furnishing industry ". This time, Cohen kitchen appliances entered Red Star Macalline in order to better match Red Star Macalline's concept of "paying attention to everything and paying attention to the quality of life"

Quxiaohui said that Cohen has a very excellent research and development team, and the company's marketing ideas are also very clear. There will be promotional activities on major holidays, giving great support to dealers. As a dealer, what he pursues is profit, while the customer pursues high quality and low price, which Cohen has achieved. Therefore, he has great confidence in his brand and confidence, and believes that he and Cohen will thrive and go further and further in the future




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