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Many property buyers have experienced this experience when delivering their houses. When developers sell their houses, they swear that the "fine decoration" of houses has become "simple decoration" or "secondary decoration". At the Sino British Design Forum of the "year of cultural and creative industries" held on the 22nd, Jia Zhongchi, President of the Beijing Architectural Decoration Association, said that the competent authorities planned to implement a compulsory annual inspection of decoration enterprises, and enterprises that failed to pass the inspection could not continue to work in Beijing. The person in charge of the relevant department also revealed that the acceptance standard for determining the quality of residential decoration is currently being formulated

due to the booming real estate market in recent years, Beijing's architectural decoration enterprises have also taken a share. According to Jia Zhongchi, judging from the operation of Beijing Construction and decoration enterprises in the first 10 months of this year, the total income of decoration enterprises in the city this year is expected to exceed 100billion yuan, of which the income of the home decoration industry accounts for more than half. At the recently held commendation Conference for honest enterprises in the Beijing building materials industry, experts in the decoration industry said that hardbound house repair can save owners a lot of time and reduce the waste of energy and financial resources. At the same time, because developers purchase centrally, they can choose the best high-quality materials at the same price; On the other hand, hardbound houses save the "vacancy" during the decoration period of rough houses, which is conducive to the owners' timely occupancy or rental. At present, the disadvantages brought by the fine decoration of housing are also increasingly obvious: because of the lack of specific technical standards, the disputes within and outside the contract cannot be defined by standards, resulting in some owners' disputes with developers due to housing quality problems after delivery

"the acceptance standard of Beijing residential decoration project under development will be more stringent than the previous similar standards, which will make the quality of residential decoration, including fine decorated commercial houses, transparent and realistic." Insiders believe that the implementation of the acceptance standard undoubtedly improves the requirements for the decoration construction units, and can protect the interests of housing owners to the greatest extent

the standards formulated to unify the quality acceptance of home decoration mainly specify the requirements for more than 10 home decoration projects, such as doors and windows, floors (bricks), pipelines, electrical installation, etc. at the same time, it is clear that it is strictly prohibited to change the main body and bearing structure of the building without the written consent of the original structural design unit or the design unit with the corresponding qualification level; It is strictly forbidden to dismantle or modify heating and gas pipeline facilities without the approval of heating and gas management departments; The design and construction unit undertaking the decoration project of family rooms should have the corresponding qualification certificates and business licenses, and the construction management personnel and special types of work should have the corresponding post qualification certificates

compared with regular decoration enterprises, the "decoration guerrillas" that frequently haunt the capital have also attracted the attention of relevant departments. Jia Zhongchi revealed that the competent department recently plans to implement a compulsory annual inspection of decoration enterprises, similar to the qualification examination of property enterprises currently being implemented in Beijing. "The Beijing Building Decoration Association will grade the qualifications of decoration enterprises, and the annual review will directly determine the qualifications of enterprises in the coming year, rather than 'once and for all' as it is now."





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