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People often say that "separation of lines is like separation of mountains", which to some extent refers to the language barrier. Decoration as a professional field, the "jargon" of Yunshan fog cover makes many owners passive in decoration. In fact, as long as they master a few key "jargon", it is enough to "disguise" themselves as an expert and safeguard their rights in decoration

keyword contracting method

case playback: after an experience of being cheated by losses, Lisa decided to do it herself for the second decoration, so she chose the unprofitable "labor clearance". However, she regretted her decision as soon as she reached the stage of hydropower transformation. The foreman called 24 hours a day. In addition to asking her to buy this and that, he also asked her to change the size of riveting from time to time. It was obvious that the whole person did not discuss. Lisa, who "quit in the face of difficulties", quickly changed the contracting method to "half contract". The subsequent project was progressing very smoothly. Lisa sighed: "it seems that everything has to leave some room!"

The construction party is responsible for the construction and the procurement of auxiliary materials. The main materials are purchased by the owner, such as floors, sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, coatings, kitchenware, locks, hardware, etc., and some other auxiliary materials are arranged by the construction team, such as sand, nails, cement, etc., which is adopted by most decoration companies

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package decoration

the decoration mode priced by square meters, that is, the main materials (including wall tiles, floor tiles, floors, cabinets, sanitary ware, doors and door pockets, wall paint, ceiling, etc.) are combined with the basic decoration, and the mode is clear price, complete supporting and seamless service

package cleaning

package cleaning refers to that the contractor is only responsible for construction, and all decoration materials are purchased by the owner. It requires the owner to invest a lot of time and energy, which is also the most cost-effective way of contracting

all inclusive

is also called contracting for labor and materials. The construction party is responsible for the procurement and construction of all materials, which is the most worry-free for the owner and the most profitable contracting method for the decoration company





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