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For me, time stops at that day: September 26th, 2013 This is the day when I came to Chongqing Yongjin wood industry to feel the deepest. On this day, the company invited lecturers outside to train all our employees, so that we don't forget to study after work. Xie Hua is our training lecturer

the theme of teacher Xie's training is "winning in mentality". Maybe it's hard and passive to say that training here is learning. It can be said that this study will benefit us for life. Of course, the main content of this lecture focuses on the mentality, a positive attitude towards work and affairs

now I'll share with you the content with my memory, because I didn't take notes at that time, so it's not so comprehensive. Try to think about it for you. First of all, let's talk about the "chips". In my impression, teacher Xie mainly told us about our work. He said that if you are just out of school and into the society, you will not have much chips when looking for a job. Of course, you can't say that you don't have chips. Your education, skills, sense of responsibility and so on are all your chips. But if you have no work experience, you will lose one chip. So when you have a job, don't complain in that

because its salary is not satisfactory to you. When you have worked in that position for oneortwo years, this is oneortwo years of work experience. When you leave the place where you originally worked,

come to another company. When the new company asks about your work experience, you can generously tell the other party that you have done similar work. This is, you have more chips than when you first came out. When your salary is low and you do a lot of work, don't complain. You think what I do today is the foundation for me to develop better in the future. We should also be clear,

no matter how excellent you are and how much you contribute to the company, you can't take your resignation as a condition of exchange between you and the company. You should know that the company can't operate without you. Life will inevitably encounter a lot of unpleasant things, only if we think positively and positively, we won't be depressed all day. We should understand that it is our parents or our superior leaders who blame us when they find something wrong. Sometimes they have a feeling of hatred for us. It is inevitable that our hearts will be unhappy, and we will inevitably show a look of

dissatisfaction. In fact, we all know that they are all for our good, but our hearts will be uncomfortable at that time, and we will have extreme ideas. When we calm down, we find how ignorant and naive we are. Now we should think so. The reason why they scold and blame us is that they still have hope and expectation for us. We should thank them and reflect on their behavior and correct them. In the face of many unpleasant things, only we have the same harvest. Since we were born, we are not alone. We have a lot of help, and we can't forget it. There is an old saying called: the kindness of a drop of water should be repaid by a spring. Learn to be grateful, be a person who knows not to pay, regardless of return, and be good at discovering the beauty of people around them, and sincerely praise them. You will find that everything is beautiful. We all know that some games can't be played by one person, and many people need to cooperate. With the increase of age, there are more things to cooperate with people. At this time, the people we cooperate with form a team, in which we play different roles and play different roles. Whether in a team or a person, responsibility is very important, and it is also a reflection of the attitude towards affairs. Everyone wants to succeed, but not everyone can succeed. Don't be discouraged, discouraged or give up on the road to success. We should understand that a high degree is not equal to success. Success is not that you change jobs frequently. Success requires your precipitation, your professional research, and your persistence. Of course, these are still far from enough. It also requires your unique vision, flexible thinking, broad vision, and so on. Of course, don't be frightened by what

says. In fact, only if you have a dream and a goal in your heart, you can move towards it, plan every day, make progress every day, and success is not far away from you. In order to make every day meaningful, it is necessary to plan every day. We might as well get up every day and think about what I should do today? How to complete it? What should we do tomorrow; When sleeping at night, calm down and think about what I did today? What are the shortcomings and how to correct them? What are you going to do tomorrow? When we do this, your day will be full and meaningful. In this study, there are three sentences that are very useful in life: 1 It's good to have you! 2. Why didn't I think of it? 3 Just do as you say. These three sentences look like Mandarin, but they can shorten the distance with people

in fact, we all know a lot of reasons, but it is so difficult to do it. This is a problem of our mentality. I hope you will be touched by my sharing. The writing is rather stiff. I hope you can understand it




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