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Yesterday, Mr. Li, who lives in Hanyang, reported that he signed a contract with a decoration company to install a new house. Unexpectedly, a few days after the start of construction, the company suddenly closed down, and his 22000 Yuan decoration money was lost

Mr. Li has a new house on Hanyang Prince Hubei road. In early January, he signed a contract with a decoration company near the community. In mid February, when the project started, Mr. Li paid 22000 yuan for materials

a few days ago, the water and electricity workers paved the water pipes and wires, which have not been filled. As agreed, Mr. Li went to the decoration company to drag tiles, but found that the company had closed and the person in charge turned off the phone

yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw that the store of the decoration company Mr. Li was looking for had been sublet into a curtain shop. The boss said that within a week, nearly 10 people came to consult the whereabouts of the decoration company. All citizens paid for the decoration, and half of the decoration was stopped. The amount cheated by the owners ranged from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan

the reporter called the decoration company provided by Mr. Li, but he couldn't get through. The reporter learned from Hubei Provincial Department of industry and Commerce and Wuhan Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce that the company has not been registered

at present, the police have been involved in the investigation

in this regard, industrial and commercial law enforcement officials reminded that at present, there are thousands of large and small decoration companies in Wuhan, but some companies have no industry qualifications at all. Some irregular small companies often attract customers at low prices, delay construction or disappear directly after receiving a certain amount of money. When consumers choose decoration companies, they must identify their qualifications in advance and check the relevant business licenses in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in the future




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