Precautions in Qijia class group buying activities

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Qijia class: precautions in group buying activities

>& gt;& gt; Qijia experience: a secret of paint

netizens occasionally have some problems that can be avoided in the process of group purchase. Xiaobian summed up the netizens' experience and warned them

summarized as follows:

1 Take the wooden bed as an example. When netizens placed an order, they told the merchant that they wanted a bed of 2 meters. As a result, the order was written as 1.8 meters. Remind netizens to check carefully when signing the order for confirmation. If there is any doubt, the merchant must write it clearly. If there is any more problem, you can ask the website staff for help! In addition, you must remember to use the special order of Shanghai group purchase network

2. Freight issues and gifts of the order must also be clearly written on the order to avoid unnecessary trouble

3. For special events such as furniture, there is no three-month cancellation validity period than that of building materials, and some are only one month or one week (such as curtain special events). Be sure to pay attention to the cancellation validity period to avoid unnecessary trouble

4. Furniture orders do not need to be deducted from the purchase price by the merchants compared with home orders. Many special orders do not need to be recovered, as long as they are taken out when the goods are delivered to see how much deposit they have paid

5. Pay attention to every corner of the order and read the big and small words clearly. For example, some people write in a small line of small words in an inconspicuous place on the order (the price does not include tax), which means that you have to pay tax money to get the invoice at that time! (like furniture and luxury goods, part of the tax in the invoice needs to be borne by the buyer)

6. When customers often buy mattresses, they only pay attention to the ones that need to buy 5-foot or 6-foot mattresses, but ignore the length of 5-foot and 6-foot mattresses. At present, 5-foot beds on the market have two specifications, 1.9 meters long and 2 meters long. So when ordering mattresses, in addition to knowing the width, you must know the inner diameter length of your own bed (except for the bed you haven't bought) to avoid unnecessary trouble

7. Because there is no real sample for customized goods to refer to, we must specify the plate used, color, size, corner direction, paint plate area (some human contact surfaces are treated with varnish), glass thickness, hardware model and function (handle, hinge, drawer drawer, bar corner, etc.) &hellip& hellip;& hellip;& hellip;, To avoid unnecessary wrangling

8. Pay attention when you buy furniture and pay a deposit “ Deposit ” And “ Deposit ” The former is a refundable deposit and the latter is a non refundable deposit. If you order 100 yuan from Shangtuan to buy furniture, it is a refundable order, and if it exceeds 100 yuan, it is a non refundable order




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