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All doors and windows in the world are the same? Attention to doors and windows is 0? Sina home tells you that there is also black technology in the door and window industry. Follow the star talent group to the door and window super factory to find out

on September 3, a star talent group composed of Mrs. Wu, a well-known child care talent in Chengdu, pockey, a travel talent who has traveled all over the country, Xu Xing, a national excellent designer, and Kuai Le, a senior media person, went to Feiyu door and window manufacturing factory for a field visit to explore the mystery behind a door and window

special "guests" welcomed by the super factory

at 10 a.m., the star talent group set out from the Feiyu door and window marketing center and took a bus to the super factory of Feiyu door and window located in the Western door and window Creative Industrial Park of Guanghan, Deyang. Along the way, the highway anti-aircraft gun advertisement of "Feiyu doors and windows" made everyone curious about this activity, and collectively exclaimed: "with such a large amount of advertising investment, Feiyu doors and windows is a powerful big enterprise!"

one and a half hours after departure, the bus arrived at the "Western door and window Creative Industrial Park" in the plant area. Clean and tidy is the first impression that Feiyu doors and windows leave to you. Different from the door and window manufacturing factory in your impression, the layout and planning of the whole factory are quite neat in the vast floor area of Feiyu doors and windows. Both the setting of parking areas and the parking of vehicles are set up very reasonably. Rows of green plants brighten the eyes of the star talent group

production links are carefully checked, and the manufacturing process is a model of ingenuity.

under the leadership of xiezhenwei, the manager of Feiyu door and window production department, the star talent group came to the production workshop of Feiyu door and window company for the first time. The production area is divided into material storage area, assembly area, cleaning area, packaging area, logistics area and other different areas. The orderly division of areas ensures the efficiency and safety of the production process

manager Xie led the star talent group to visit the production line of Feiyu doors and windows, including material selection, assembly, processing, forming, cleaning, packaging, etc., and explained to the star talent group one by one. Manager Xie said, "while meeting the production volume of products, our logistics center uses a three-dimensional automated and intelligent warehousing and distribution system and a highly intelligent logistics system to maximize the efficiency of warehousing and transportation, and comprehensively improve the company's logistics and distribution capacity."

during the visit, the star talent group was attracted and impressed by its scientific, humanized and intelligent production mode. While communicating with the workshop operators, they touched it with their own hands to test the appearance and quality of the door and window materials produced in the workshop. At the same time, he also asked manager Xie about his doubts and puzzles. Xu Xing, the designer, praised: "to measure the success of an enterprise, go to his factory and see the working state of his factory employees. When you come to Feiyu, you will find that the employees are fully engaged in work. An enterprise with such intentions will go further and further."

as a senior household media person, Kuai Le has visited countless household production factories, but said that this is the first time to come to the door and window production workshop. "Doors and windows are a very customized category, so there will be more factors to consider in production. I think Feiyu doors and windows from design to processing to sales and after-sales, I am very moved, because Feiyu doors and windows not only meet the basic functions of consumers using doors and windows, but also consider some difficult to find but very necessary details for consumers. In Feiyu factory, I found the craftsmanship of door and window manufacturing." Every door and window has a story to share with you

at 1:40 p.m., manager Xie led the star talent group to the second stop to visit the Feiyu door and window finished product exhibition hall, and explained the uniqueness of each door and window to the star talent one by one. Each door and window has its own story. As a child care expert, Mrs. Wu is most concerned about the safety of her children. She asked, "such mobile doors and windows are beautiful and practical, but are they a little dangerous for children? It's easy to press your hands when moving over." It is believed that Mrs. Wu's question is also a question that many mothers want to ask. Due to the unreasonable and nonstandard design of doors and windows, it is common for children to be injured. Too many parents have been looking for a really safe and good door and window, "Mrs. Wu, look here, our doorknob can be locked at variable intervals according to your needs, and the doorknob can be lifted up at the same time, which not only meets the indoor ventilation, but also prevents children from being caught when moving the door." Manager Xie replied

not only that, as a tourist, Mr. pockey walks outside all the year round. What he cares most is the comfort of living and personal privacy on the way. Manager Xie recommended a newly developed and designed Feiyu door and window for pockey teacher: "this is an electric shutter door and window. The shutter is inside the insulating glass. The shutter not only has the effect of shading, but also effectively protects your privacy."

this event has made celebrities express their extraordinary significance. Because it is a rare opportunity for both consumers and manufacturing enterprises to let consumers go deep into the home manufacturing process. Consumers can go deep into the factory to understand the most real materials and quality. Feiyu doors and windows shows the production process and processing technology to consumers, which is undoubtedly a process of mutual trust between both sides. Feiyu doors and windows firmly believes that only enterprises that make products with such dedication can become the benchmark of the industry, so that more families can use good doors and windows made in China





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